Globally engaged at 20 – Rochelle Prasad

Rochelle Prasad maybe just 20 years old, but she has already accomplished significant achievements in humanitarian work and global youth engagement. The Simon Fraser University student is a global volunteer, youth empowerment advocate, role model, young entrepreneur, social activist, motivational speaker, academic achiever, and passionate educator—and book author.

Shirin Ariff

Shirin Ariff is an inspirational speaker, author, and women’s empowerment coach committed to helping women find their strength. After braving immigration to Canada and surviving thyroid cancer, Shirin understands adversity. Despite the lemons that life handed her, she dug deep and found resilience. Today, she empowers other women to become their own North Stars.

Maansi Virk Committed To Serve

Maansi Virk is an accomplished martial artist who has career aspirations to protect and serve. She aspires to follow in her father’s footsteps by becoming a police officer.

Chanpreet Kooner: A Fearless Lawyer

Chanpreet Kooner is a trial lawyer at BOBBLAW. His practice primarily focuses on a broad range of complex civil litigation matters, which include real estate, commercial, construction, and personal injury.