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New Confirmed Case of Measles

A new case of measles infection has been identified in the Lower Mainland. Fraser Health and Vancouver Coastal Health have determined that the infection was acquired abroad. Public Health officials from both health authorities are following up directly with those who are known to have been exposed to the virus.

Asia Consolidates its Passport Power

In a resounding demonstration of Asia’s growing power and influence on the world stage, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea now hold joint top spot on the Henley Passport Index, with a visa-free/visa-on-arrival score of 189. These latest results consolidate 12 months of Asian dominance, after Japan first climbed to the top spot in February last year.

My 10 Secrets of Success

by Perminder Chohan Perminder Chohan draws from his twenty-eight years as a respected businessman and kind-hearted philanthropist in this inspiring guide to achieving success…

You are Invited! – Anti-Bullying Flash Mob (1,300+ students and  Surrey RCMP) is back! Get ready to celebrate our differences by witnessing a Bhangra/Western inspired flash mob dance performance

The Surrey RCMP is once again happy to participate in the Anti-Bullying Flash Mob as it allows our School Resource Officers to engage with students in an energetic and healthy activity”, says Inspector Wendy Mehat, Community Support and Safety Officer. “This initiative is a unique and fun way to bring awareness to an issue that can effect youth in our community.