Countdown to Your Wedding

Weddings are all about planning, and it begins months ahead of the due date.Arriving at the decision to get married after weighing all the pros and cons definitely start as early as 12 months ahead of the wedding day.

Wedding Hair Inspirations

Hair is definitely an integral part of a bride’s big day. There is something about flowers and hair that go together like wine and cheese. This is why you have to give all the hair attention alongside all your bridal glory.

Meet the woman behind the fabulous Payal Singhal brand

Designer Payal Singhal will be visiting us in store and we would like to extend an invitation for you to attend and meet the woman behind the fabulous Payal Singhal brand.  She will be bringing the latest pieces from her Sanat and Qu’ilish collections giving you the perfect opportunity to have the newest Payal Singhal pieces for your special events this summer.