Shades of Winters

Winter is the time to keep all those flip-flops and swimming gear aside. It’s just the right time to pull out those long coats, leather jackets, boots, and gloves. Now that it is about to get chilly, it’s time to wear stylish winter and dress in your favorite boots and hats. Here are some exciting things you can wear this season to look chic yet be very comfortable in your skin.

Styling Tips for the Woman of the 21st century

Today’s Woman is educated, confident, and independent who believes in herself, and is always ready to unleash her power. While she enjoys working outside in the competitive, corporate world, she is someone who does not forget her responsibilities and duties. Wearing these colorful hats all the time that demands a different role out of her at most times, here are some styling tips for the women of the 21st century

7 Trendsetting Tips For This Spring/Summer

The color palette of 2022 is soft, with an undertone of violet and a new shade added to the palate. This shade is called ‘Very Peri,’ it has been announced as the Pantone color of the year! Do you know what’s nice about this color?