I’ve been eating these traditional Indian little treats ever since I was young and I was lucky enough to be taught the recipe from my grandma. They are notoriously difficult to make and they are not low fat in the slightest, but they taste delicious and are certainly worth a go if you love them. I don’t make them often, and I always make more than I need in the hope I have a few left.

Sweet Lassi

Lassis are a yoghurt drink originating from the northern state of Punjab. A perfect blend of yoghurt, water, salt or sugar and sometimes spices, blended until frothy.

Gourmet Snack Ideas For Those With A Sweet Tooth

We all find ourselves craving sweets from time to time. Chances are when you want to indulge, it’s usually on a decadent cake or chocolate bar. Instead of spending money on a store-bought treat, why not enjoy the taste of indulgence right at home?