Vaisakhi Recipes

Anjali Pathak

Anjali Pathak is an exciting talent in the spice arena with a fun loving and warm character. Having learnt the basics of Indian cookery from a young age, Anjali works with spice and flavours from across the globe.

Paneer Masala

This recipe has hints of southern Indian spices and tastes great with veggies, especially if you need to use some up.

Caramelised Onion Bhajias

I adore these little snacks. If you don’t want to deep fry them then just shallow fry in around an inch of oil remembering to make them flatter so they cook evenly.


I’ve been eating these traditional Indian little treats ever since I was young and I was lucky enough to be taught the recipe from my grandma. They are notoriously difficult to make and they are not low fat in the slightest, but they taste delicious and are certainly worth a go if you love them. I don’t make them often, and I always make more than I need in the hope I have a few left.

Sweet Lassi

Lassis are a yoghurt drink originating from the northern state of Punjab. A perfect blend of yoghurt, water, salt or sugar and sometimes spices, blended until frothy.