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My 10 Secrets to Success: Businessman Perminder Chohan’s new book an inspiring guide to achieving your dreams

South Asian businessman and philanthropist Perminder Chohan’s life is nothing short of an immigrant’s dream. His latest venture, a new book titled ‘My 10 Secrets to Success’ is not only an inspiring guide to achieving success in one’s career but a testament to how one resilient man who moved from India to Canada with a million dreams, never gave up and made them a reality. 

How to make the best of our life

In this world we are all coveting and chasing a happy, peaceful and contented life. We all desire for a successful career, lots of money and materialist possessions as they make us really very happy.

Global Yoga Accreditation Summit

Global Summit organized by NAAC at the Headquarters of the United Nations paves the way forward for the New York ~ Bengaluru Vision Statement 2019 towards a Global Ecosystem in Yoga Higher Education through mainstreaming, collaboration and accreditation  

What Is Mind Power ?

Human mind has been considered as a complex subject to understand. It has been studied that the most successful people on this planet have used only 1 to 10% of the powers of their mind.

2019 Rhythms of India Gala

Music, dance and generosity brought 500 guests together at the 2019 Rhythms of India Gala – supporting Two Worlds Cancer Collaboration – to raise in excess of $100,00 to help families in India and South Asia facing cancer.