Home delivery: another reason to choose legal cannabis

People who choose to consume non-medical cannabis have another reason to go legal, as licensed cannabis retailers will be able to deliver non-medical cannabis products directly to consumers starting July 15, 2021.

This change builds on the August 2020 move allowing cannabis retail stores (CRS) to sell their products online, providing more economic opportunities for retailers. Consumers will gain a new way to purchase non-medical cannabis from a legal source in their community, helping to support B.C.’s legal cannabis industry and strengthen their local economy.

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Havana Club launches Cuban Smoky in Canada

Havana Club has introduced its first smoky rum to its range of award-winning premium rums, with Havana Club Cuban Smoky. The launch is expected to appeal to rum enthusiasts and whisky drinkers searching for a new and smooth offering that elevates the Cuban rum experience even further.