Community Happenings

ICBA Launches Indigenous Logo Competition

As part of the Independent Contractors and Businesses Association’s (ICBA) ongoing work with Indigenous communities, ICBA announced today the launch of an Indigenous logo design competition, seeking to enhance ICBA’s brand and reflecting the pillars of ICBA while incorporating elements of Indigenous culture.

15-minute city within reach for Vancouver: SFU study

The idea of a 15-minute city – one where everyone’s essential needs can be met within walking distance – is within reach for Vancouver, but more needs to be done to provide access in neighbourhoods with higher proportions of children, older adults, and racialized populations. 

BC-India Business Network (BCIBN) Founder And President Emeritus Vivek Savkur Received The Global Award For Community Leadership From Global Emerging Leadership Programs (GELP), At The BC-IBN Edu Summit 2022.

The Global Emerging Leadership Programs (GELP) honoured Vivek Savkur, Founder of BC-India Business Network (BCIBN) with GELP’s first annual Global Leadership Award. The award was presented at the Education Summit 2022 by Canadian Senator Mobina Jaffer, Omar Karim, Founder and President of GELP, Joel Hampson, Srividhya Mouli, Candidate from GELP’s Leadership Team and Sobhana Jaya-Madhavan, BC-India Business Network (BCIBN) new President. This award was presented to Vivek Savkur in honour of his outstanding leadership to community development, cross-cultural relationships, and dedication in years of service towards inspiring young leaders around the world.