Drishti, Canada’s premiere South Asian lifestyle magazine, was launched in 2010. Published by Drishti Media Group, it reflects the spirit and lifestyle of today’s younger set, moving with the times and adopting styles, trends, fashion, beauty, and fitness. It continuously strives to step up a gear towards progressive and relevant content—and our design is a fusion of traditional and avant-garde—to give you, our readers, the best of both worlds. Featuring the best South Asian talents, Drishti chooses to cover both high achieving people and ordinary citizens with integrity, whether they are involved in the world of fashion, business, sports, bollywood, auto & travel. Replete with redeeming value, our bi-monthly publication devotes several pages to fashion and personal style, apart from issues involving our community and the Canadian society at large. No doubt, Drishti can easily be credited for having pioneered a revolution in the depiction of contemporary South Asian fashion, through fabulous photo-shoots that are exclusive in approach and unique in execution. Determined to inspire you, our dear readers, Drishti Magazine, without a scintilla of doubt, is now an icon of the South Asian lifestyle.