Drishti Awards 2022

Lifetime Achievement Award – Nilam Amin Nilam Amin was born in Uganda and arrived in Vancouver in 1976 from a refugee camp in Sri…

Dr. Ambedkar portrait formally gifted to the Center for India and South Asia Research (CISAR) at UBC on the Dr. Ambedkar Death Anniversary – December 6

Vancouver – on the 66th death anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar, family of the late artist Shital Anmol, officially gifted a portrait of Dr. Ambedkar to the Centre for India and South Asia Research (CISAR) on December 6 at a ceremony hosted by Chetna Association of Canada in partnership with the CISAR and Ambedkarite International Coordination Society (AICS).


Manjit Gill has always been a partner in effecting positive change in her communities. Over fifty years ago, Manjit immigrated to Langley from India, where she was working on completing her Master’s in History at Punjab University. She immigrated to join her husband, Darcy Gill and the family business at Cloverdale Fuel Ltd. Manjit and her husband are still running it. It has been based in Langley since 1945 and has since expanded to three more businesses— Darman Recycling Canada, Darman Recycling USA, and Jasmine Real Assets.