What makes this tree worthy to be named “Tree of the 21st Century?” Human ingenuity has led to wondrous feats, from fire to complex social structure.

Eating Butter is Good For You – By Dr. Trevor Erikson

For the past 40 years, we have been avoiding ‘saturated fat’ like the plague. Doctors, assuming that the high blood cholesterol associated with heart disease was due to saturated fats in our diet, have been telling us to strictly reduce or avoid fatty foods, like butter, as a means to ‘protect our hearts.’

Herbal Medicine – Old Traditions For Our Modern World

Imagine, just over 100 years ago plant based medicines were the main treatment for pretty much every type of illness. At least this was the case for Asia, where a trip to see the doctor usually meant that you were given a prescription of roots, leaves, flowers and seeds to be brewed into a strong tea at home.