Hunan Fellow Association of Vancouver Donates Over $20,000 to Richmond Hospital’s Future Medical Imaging Centre

Driven by its passion for helping others, the Hunan Fellow Association of Vancouver held a fundraising dinner this past April that raised over $20,000 for Richmond Hospital’s future Medical Imaging Centre. Community support for the new Medical Imaging Centre will help ensure that Richmond Hospital doctors and staff have access to the newest imaging technologies to provide diagnoses for more patients.

IG Wealth Management Walk For Alzheimer’s

The IG Wealth Management Walk for Alzheimer’s is the largest fundraiser for the Alzheimer Society of B.C. and is a way British Columbians can celebrate and remember people in their lives who have been affected by dementia, while they raise valuable funds and awareness to create change.

Study Finds The Brain Searches For The Best Way To Move The Body

Research that examines how the body adapts to new movements is shedding new light on how the nervous system learns, and could help to inform a wide range of applications, from customized rehabilitation and athletic training to wearable systems for healthcare. The research is published this week in the journal Current Biology.

How Countries Handled The Pandemic & Impacts On Mental Health: Study

A global study on countries’ responses to the pandemic finds there have been worse mental health trajectories in countries that attempted to control COVID-19 transmission with stricter public health restrictions, such as Canada, than those which tried to suppress or eliminate COVID-19 transmission. Findings of the international research team, led by Simon Fraser University psychology associate professor Lara Aknin, have been published in The Lancet Public Health.