“Through comprehensive genetic and microbiome testing services, BioAro seeks to better understand Canadians’ inherited and acquired health risks, ultimately enabling Canadians to make informed decisions about their health and lifestyle.”

Dr. Anmol Kapoor is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada with a specialty in Internal Medicine and a subspecialty qualification in Cardiology. He completed Medical School in St. Petersburg, Russia, followed by his Internal Medicine Residency at the University of Alberta. At the University of Manitoba, Dr. Kapoor completed his Adult Cardiology Fellowship and subsequently completed further training in vascular medicine and carotid ultrasound at the Cleveland Clinic, USA. As a cardiovascular disease specialist focusing on clinical cardiology, echocardiography, carotid ultrasound, and vascular medicine, he has extensive experience in carotid and other vascular imaging, including echocardiography and nuclear imaging.

He is a passionate advocate for cardiovascular health and has been involved in various cardiovascular research initiatives. He is a founding partner of Southern Alberta Medical and the President of Advanced Cardiology Consultants and Diagnostics in Calgary, and founder-CEO of CardiAI Inc and BioAro Inc, a BioTechnology and Genomics Company.

“BioAro is a Calgary-based genomics and precision health company set to launch comprehensive genetic and microbiome testing services. BioAro plans to transform personalized medicine with a precision-based approach,” Dr. Kapoor explains. “Through comprehensive genetic and microbiome testing services, BioAro seeks to better understand Canadians’ inherited and acquired health risks, ultimately enabling Canadians to make informed decisions about their health and lifestyle.”

This company offers a range of specialized services which provide previously unknown insights into a patient’s health. Think of it as a supercharged personalized healthcare experience. BioAro’s testing services are backed by evidence-based medical guidelines, and the company provides education and support to help consumers understand the implications of their results.

“Unlike other genetic testing services, BioAro sequences and creates a blueprint of your entire genome and analyzes over 20,000 genes involved in various diseases,” Dr. Kapoor said excitedly. “BioAro identifies disease-associated genetic variants to offer a more comprehensive and personalized disease risk analysis.”

BioAro’s test covers over 200 hereditary conditions and over 4,000 medical conditions, including cardiovascular diseases, cancer, genetic disorders, and mental health. In addition to providing information about genetic risks, BioAro also offers personalized lifestyle and nutrition recommendations based on genetic data. The company’s AI-based analytical engine helps customers personalize their lifestyles to reduce their risk of certain diseases and conditions.

BioAro is committed to helping people understand their genetic data in an affordable and accessible manner. Healthcare providers can use the results to recommend customized treatments and personalized lifestyle choices. The report includes a detailed map of genetic strengths and weaknesses and personalized recommendations for diet, lifestyle, and supplements to support health. Its innovative technology and scientific insights can help practitioners and patients make informed health decisions.

Additionally, BioAro’s genetic monitoring services enable customers to keep track of their health and re-analyze their data based on new research findings. The techniques include epigenetics, nutrigenomics, pharmacogenomics, and another advanced specialized testing. For instance, genetic testing can highlight potential drug response variations that could affect how individuals respond to certain medications. This data provides a deep insight into a patient’s health and guides clinicians to create the most unique care plan.

“There is so much more to medicine than the primary care services people are typically offered,” says Dr. Anmol Kapoor, CEO & Founder of BioAro Inc. “Every person is unique, and we need to evolve from the one-glove-fits-all approach. At BioAro, we view each customer individually and believe in customized healthcare.”

Thus, BioAro offers amplified genomics testing to understand each patient’s makeup. For example, nutrigenomics – is the study of how food affects a person’s genes and how a person’s genes affect the way the body responds to food.

“BioAro professionals can determine whether patients are sensitive to substances, including caffeine or sodium, and whether they should alter their diet. A comprehensive microbiome analysis including the gut, vaginal, skin, and oral health is also offered to better understand an individual’s health and improve quality of life,” Dr. Kapoor elaborates.

Overall, BioAro’s analysis system provides users a comprehensive, accurate, and intuitive way to analyze genomic data. By leveraging the power of AI and machine learning, the system can generate meaningful insights from large datasets, enabling users to gain valuable insights into genetic data and make informed decisions.

“With BioAro, you’re equipped with the most up-to-date information to confidently manage your health and lifestyle,” Dr. Kapoor illuminates enthusiastically. “BioAro is designed to provide a personalized and technological experience that offers a preventative and proactive approach to healthcare.”

BioAro’s analysis system is powered by advanced algorithms that employ machine learning to identify patterns and correlations in large datasets and to detect subtle differences between samples. “Consumers will receive a unique digital report explaining how their genetic makeup can affect their health,” Dr. Kapoor concludes.