2020: Dawn Of A New Decade: Find Your Master Plan

Astrologer Sukhbir Mangat’s Analysis

Predicted January 6, 2020

The New Year of 2020 is highly noteworthy for the world. It could turn out to be the “benchmark” year due to activation of the aggressive religious sign of Sagittarius that has been occupied by Saturn, Jupiter & Ketu (dragon’s tail) during the last two years. It has resulted in oppressive right-wing politics all over, be it the USA, China, Russia, France, or India.

Why 2020 is significant?

In January 2020, Saturn moved out of Sagittarius to Capricorn, the sign owned by Saturn itself. This would bring with it the strength to change the world order with hard work and people-friendly policies. The movement of Saturn is unique as after Capricorn, the next sign, Saturn—would occupy in 2022 & beyond is Aquarius, again a Saturn sign. This 5-year transit would have the strength to take the entire world back on the path of truthful values and real democracy.

2020 and the upcoming decade would see some exciting events

  • The high stress & bewildering events of 2018-19 will be replaced with stable trends that would require hard work and dedication.
  • A lot of world attention would be on India due to political changes & a new policy primarily driven by the vocal stand that the Indian population would take. Economy and financial markets could take a severe hit during the last quarter of 2020 for India. However, as a positive, the coming decade would see India’s golden period, especially during 2023-2027.
  • US Elections would throw up results very different from the widely expected view. US economy would see a recession followed by a revival and boom in the coming decade.
  • Brexit would bring in early glory to the new government, but the UK economy could be badly hit by the end of the year. Recovery would be seen in 2023.
  • China would see a spurt in growth only to see the good results peter out. China would find its path again in 2023.
  • Privacy breaches, violation of civil rights, and rise in crime would be felt all over the world after September 2020 and hit a low in 2027.


Predicted on March 21, 2020

Throughout the 4th quarter of 2019, the Astro world warned us to stay vigilant of the upcoming solar eclipse in Mula Nakshatra and to stay low before the Saturn transit on January 24. The eclipse around Christmas Day when all planets were simultaneously sandwiched between Rahu and Ketu, then Kal saarp yoga was formed; this formation turned things horrible. Soon after, on January 1, we began to hear about the COVID-19 outbreak in China.

Let’s analyze Rahu & Ketu

Rahu in Adra
Its own Nakshatra, Adra Nakshatra, is known for poison. Destructive thoughts and terror ruling deity of Adra is lord Rudra, the aghori form of Shiva, the lord of destruction, who destroys to recreate. He is also the ruler and preserver of wild animals.

Ketu is a spiritual planet and teaches us to detach from materialism. In its own Nakshatra Mula, which signifies the Muladhara, the root chakra, the roots and plants of which the presiding deity is goddess Nirrti, which means death and fear and is the goddess of destruction—deathly hidden realms and sorrow, a form of kali.

As per current reports from Italy, coronavirus is killing two men for every woman, a ratio of 2:1 in all age groups.

Is the exacting goddess revenge over men for destroying nature and animals?

Rahu is an obsession and magnification. It received the poison that was created in Mula Nakshtra after the eclipse. It spread it throughout the world, Rahu in Ardra was empowered by Ketu in Mula Nakshtra. Also, Rahu is in the Gemini sign, which represents the hands and the lungs.

Jupiter moving out of the Rahu-Ketu axis into Capricorn on March 29. It positioned with Mars, and Saturn will create a neech bhang raj yoga, which should start some form of relief.

April 14, the sun represented in numerology by no 1, enters the first sign of the zodiac—Aries—and exalts over there. This signals the Spring Equinox, which will hopefully burn out most of the virus. Also, expect some better medication to be assigned for severe cases by then (medicines to fight, NOT Vaccine).

May 20, Rahu will leave Ardra and move into Mrigasira who’s ruling deity is Soma!—Lord Shiva! So you can expect almost complete relief for the moment as Shiva is known to drink the poison. By September 23, when Ketu leaves Mula, you can expect total and final deliverance from the virus.

It’s time to respect nature, animals, and to go organic, back to our roots. The remedy is always 180 degrees apart. The solution for Ketu in Mula is Rahu in Ardra and vice versa. Save the animals, go organic, preserve the forests!

Love peace and protection to you all
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