Rahu-Ketu in the 1st-7th houses transit implies bleak vibes. Jupiter will join Rahu in the first house, adding dire results. Venus inciting Cancer shows emotional turmoil, ushering in health issues. Saturn denotes little professional growth. Mars may go well for those government workers, and business operators may see a gradual upturn. Jupiter and Rahu’s presence means financial strain from high spending. Business owners may incur losses; love life will go up and down. Weak Venus predicts a lover’s spat and untimely marriage. Mercury’s back motion shows a family dispute. Students’ success shows promise, but Mercury may bring difficulties after the 23rd of August. Tests result could be discouraging.


Saturn’s retrograde shows work and money difficulty. On August 15th, a job transfer or change can happen. Business people may struggle to turn a profit. A family problem may occur, so prioritize your tasks concerning your family. Venus will weaken this month, and love may prosper, but beware, your marriage might fail. The placements of planets such as Mercury, Jupiter, and Rahu may provide some difficulties for students. There may be opportunities to study abroad. In addition, Venus’s retrograde combusting may cause individuals to become emotional and sensitive, resulting in health difficulties such as hypertension and digestive issues.


Jupiter and Rahu, together in the eleventh house of Gemini, reveal a satisfying month ahead. They will bring an unexpected gain in money, with new job opportunities, possibilities of promotion in your job, and to work overseas. Business owners may make a lot of profit and form new partnerships. They may also find business opportunities through outsourcing. Jupiter in the 11th house from the moon may encourage family harmony and understanding. With Rahu, you may discover love. Those who have not married yet may be able to do so during this period. Students may achieve notoriety in academics due to Jupiter and Rahu’s 11th-house positions. Your anxiety and insecurity may increase. You will be in good health during this period!


Jupiter’s 10th-house order may face work pressure, while Saturn in the 8th house may provide a career shift. Mars is signaling a job change or a promotion. Jupiter in the 10th house may result in more expenses for business owners, and Saturn’s placement in the 9th house indicates losses. Saturn in the 8th house means students may face academic hindrances and may experience difficulties for those pursuing higher education. Those taking software engineering, business accountancy, and financial management—exert more effort and concentration. Mars will allow you to show sincerity to your spouse. Saturn in the 9th house and its influence over the second house may induce tooth, leg, and eye problems.


Mercury’s presence in retrograde motion may cause fights in the family. Those in love may get married indicated by Jupiter in the 9th house. Venus in the 12th house retrograde will bring happiness. Those who intend to marry will finally tie the knot. Jupiter’s favorable placement will give you good health, and students may succeed academically. August will be fruitful careerwise. Working people may receive promotions and rewards due to Jupiter’s aspect over the moon sign. In the 7th house, Saturn may bring difficulties and challenges from coworkers and superiors. Business owners will see incredible development, and profits will be substantial, but not advisable to enter a partnership.


Mercury in the 11th house may favor academic success, but Jupiter in the 8th house may provide a setback. Rahu and Ketu’s positions may put you on eye-related issues. You may face increased expenditures in August 2023 since Jupiter and Rahu will be in the 8th house. Jupiter in the 8th house may cause you to experience work pressure and obstacles. Venus will retrograde and combust in the 11th house, indicating that you may suffer financial losses. It’s not beneficial for business owners. It would be best if you don’t form a partnership. Jupiter, Rahu, and Saturn may cause disturbances and misunderstandings in the family. When Venus combusts,  you may argue over sensitive issues and lose your patience with your partner.


This period will bring a loss of happiness in family life due to Rahu’s location in the 7th house, and your marital life may lose its sheen. Adding extra challenges may overwork you and affect your job performance. Venus will retrograde in the 11th house, bringing some rewards in your career. Since Mars is in the 12th house, income may be undulating, but due to Jupiter’s favorable position, there is a chance to save money. It would not be a bad idea to form a new partnership. You may encounter digestion, skin problems, headaches, and eye infections this August. Take care of your partner’s health. Students taking exams may perform well.


Saturn will be situated in the 4th house, causing residents to take longer to finish a task. Jupiter in the 6th house may cause hardships, but opportunities for a work change exist. Those who manage a business may not obtain encouraging results because Jupiter is in the 6th house, resulting in limited profits. And due to these planetary effects, pupils may lose interest in academics. Ketu in the twelfth house may cause a rift between partners. The placement of Saturn in the 4th house may cause problems in the family. Mars in the 11th house may provide relief and happiness to the family and assist these residents in overcoming difficulties. Scorpios will maintain better health but may have to care for their mother’s health.


The presence of Saturn in the 3rd house may provide financial help. You also have a decent opportunity of making money by traveling abroad. Ketu in the 11th house may encourage you to demonstrate your abilities in the workplace. Business owners may make good profits. You will be in good health owing to Saturn’s placement in the 3rd house. Students may have opportunities to study abroad. Jupiter’s placement in the 5th house will create a harmonious atmosphere among family members, yet Mercury, as the 7th house in retrogression, may cause family members to have disagreements. Due to Jupiter’s positioning, people in love may decide to marry, which may be favorable.


Saturn will be in the 2nd house, indicating the last two-and-a-half years of Sade Sati, while Ketu will be in the 10th house, indicating professional chances overseas. Jupiter in the 4th house may cause unexpected costs. Business owners may get minimal profits due to tough competition. There is a possibility of separation in joint families. In the 4th house, Rahu may be causing unwelcome conflicts within the family. Those in love may find this month some disagreements with your relationships. Rahu in the 4th house may cause headaches, while Jupiter’s position may cause eye issues and toothache. Rahu may cause distraction in your studies. Mars in the ninth house could cause some difficulties with your studies.


Students looking to travel abroad for higher education may find unfavorable outcomes. Mercury in the 7th house may restrain academic performance. Saturn’s position in the first house may lead to experiencing tension, back pain, anxiety, digestion, cough, and cold problems. Jupiter in the 3rd house may produce less harmony in the household. Since Jupiter is conjunct with Rahu, married folks may experience a lack of harmony. Venus in retrograde motion may result in more significant expenses, you may have difficult obstacles at work, and job pressure may be prevalent. Business owners may not achieve significant profits, and their expectations may be unrealistic.


August Horoscope says the Pisceans may face some formidable obstacles from coworkers and superiors owing to Saturn’s position. During this period, you may postpone promotions, and businesses may see profits and losses. Saturn is in the 12th house, Rahu in the 2nd, and Ketu in the 8th, which may result in increased costs that are difficult to avoid. However, with Jupiter in the second house, there may be opportunities to save money. Stress, digestive issues, and joint pains will remain. Pisces couples may have arguments, and married lives may not be satisfied. Weddings may get postponed as well. Rahu and Ketu will create academic hurdles for the students of this zodiac.