Horoscope October 2018 By Sukhbir Mangat


Your sign is catching up, making it a competitive atmosphere for you. Exerting more efforts should see you leaping over the field. Confrontations are not you, who deserve something more significant. Stay calm and take care of your health. Domestically, your spouse’s mood swings should be treated with utmost care. Business expansion looks positive and foreign travels appear to be beneficial. Students gearing towards higher training may benefit from the government sector. Expecting parents should be vigilant as slight hiccups loom.


The office is where all the cheers are, a bright spot in your career promises monetary profits and growth. A perfect time to invest in new projects with new people. Look out for a wolf in sheep’s clothing, as some people might not take your progress well. Health is somewhat lackluster which might require some attention. Keep the focus on your work, this is the mantra for this period as unnecessary disputes might lead to litigation expenses. Business gains will lead to expansion.


Your authority at work should remain strong. Be calm as reputation appears to be rising toward fame. For students and working persons, it is an excellent time to get involved with government organizations. Success with financial gains looks high on the cards, and even though your social sphere looks wider, the prospects of progeny are not very bright. You might just feel the need to focus on health. Stay away from legal and litigation issues as these predict high costs to resolve.


Your strong personality will surface, and your family may turn out to be outstanding. With significant spiritual inclination, short trips are also on the cards for you. With keenness and energy, your fundamental reliable traits should earn you a respectable status at work, and your position may see a substantial climb. You are similarly inclined to develop incredible expert qualities, which may provoke internal identity clashes with co-workers. For working individuals, good financial profits may be seen.


You may develop an intense and gutsy persona. Riches appear to be rising for you, as well as for your kin. You and your siblings are likely to gain fame during this period. Financial, as well as spiritual growth, is signified. You may spend towards acquiring monetary assets during this period. Career may remain stable. Travel is also on the horizon. But all positive outlook could be eclipsed by two most crucial things in life: physical health and faith—and you must not neglect them.


Stay cautious about your health. Continuing to be patient, steady progress may be observed in all fronts. Cash flow may improve, and you may spend lavishly to enhance your lifestyle. Financial status may rise, and an increase in income is likely during this period. With proper care, your health may remain steady and let you work for greater monetary gains. Your choices, insight, and input will be acknowledged at work and eventually get you credit. A full development for your vocation is on the horizon.


It’s high time that you kept your best foot forward in all your endeavors. Financial gains seem to drift away, and losses are on the cards. Your health needs special care. Expenditure on illnesses could burn a hole in your pocket. Headaches, fever, skin, stomach & bone-related problems must be given attention. Manage your wealth with discretion but with all honesty; the money acquired well, returns positive karma. Work hard to achieve a good image.


Balance rules during this period, leveling the pace of things. Cash flow may slow down but without hampering the financial stability. Losses are on the cards. Thus, you should exercise caution in monetary matters. Donating to charity may improve your own fortunes. Keep your friends, and loved ones close this period as loneliness might cloud your emotions. Always define and maintain limits in every relation as over-indulgence often leads to complications.


Horoscope shows glitters of shining finances. Hence, with plenty of financial gains on the cards, the period holds promise for monetary profits and good cash flow. Career may show signs of growth and the work environment should be pleasant in general. Incentives from government authorities may be expected. Aspirations may be fulfilled during this period with an accumulation of wealth in abundance. Overall, this period could be the treasure chest of this year.


Fortune seems to be favoring you during this period. Religion, spiritual journeys, and pilgrimages are right to embark. Your professional front appears to be well-covered with your robust courage, ego, aptitude, and inventiveness. Credit and recognition are expected for government employees and family business owners. A disharmony at home should be handled with care. Education and assets appear to be areas of concern. Take note: a dispute concerning an ancestral property is a possibility.


You are likely to rise in fortune. With luck mostly in your favor, cash flow would remain steady, albeit with some foreseen restrictions. A religious inclination might goad you to go on pilgrimages. Spiritual learning to attain peace of mind and transcendent actualization looks to be on the cards. You are likely to have courage, ego, intelligence, and an initiative to do things during this period—resulting in a favorable condition. Fortune seems to be in your favor as success is foreseen at the financial front.


This period denotes a continuous upward period for your spouse. He or she might experience some unmatched growth. But there is also the possibility that your spouse might become temporarily egotistic. Financial profits may increase as travel related to business will give favorable outcomes. In your field of work, partners would be a good source of profits. Manage your savings carefully to avoid monetary losses. Your audacity in character and intellect will eventually give rise in your fortunes.