Horoscope Oct 2021

October will be more rigid for Aries people since Rashi Swami Mangal will remain in the sixth place of the horoscope until October 21.


October will be more rigid for Aries people since Rashi Swami Mangal will remain in the sixth place of the horoscope until October 21. Mercury, Sun, Mars, and Venus are situated in the sixth and eighth place, fluctuating things. Married people will experience some conflicts with their spouses, so be patient and kind. On many occasions, stress may arise in the family. People in love should not get involved in any heated arguments. Some monetary benefits will be in the cards. Work diligently in business and job. Take care of your health.


The time is good for Taureans if they take some precautions. Your health has not been perfect for the whole year due to the presence of Rahu in the first house of horoscopes. But in this month, Mars and Sun will also transit in the sixth place of your horoscope. This planetary position is not suitable for you. For this reason, you have to concentrate on your health. Any type of infection may affect you. Don’t worry; you will get money. This month is neither very good nor very bad. Take note that you’ll likely spend some on illness and medicines.


From a health point of view, time cannot be said to be good. The time is not suitable for working Geminians or those running the businesses who will experience increased expenses. You will witness many fluctuations in your married life, mainly because the lord of the seventh house is in the eighth house, which will bring conflict between two people, and even fights in their married life. Keep trying to go abroad; you may succeed at this time. Take control of your food. You may have mental tension in this period.


There will be a slight change in this period. Employees could end up struggling as they fail in every work they do. But if you decide to keep working hard, you will get good results. Those who are into business will be disturbed due to a sudden increase in their expenses; time is not suitable for them. Time is also not good for married couples. In this same month, as long as the Sun is with Mars in Virgo, the time is good for the natives who want to study abroad. They should keep working hard; they will surely get the fruits of their hard labor.


Leos will see good times after many ups and downs, especially the employees who may face some temporary difficulties. Sun, the lord of Leo, is sitting in the second house with Mars. It is creating auspicious yoga. Your mind will be evidently happy. The atmosphere in your house will be excellent. Time will be good for those who love, a perfect time for married people. Some marital problems will go away. Possibilities of foreign tours are also being made. Your money could get stuck. Still, your income will increase, and your health will remain good.


Good times for Virgos. Your lord sign Mercury will sit with its friend Sun. From this planetary position, the confidence of Virgos will increase. They will get success in whatever work they do. Time may be a bit of a struggle for those running a business. But the workers will be successful. Time will be good health-wise. Your expenses will increase; you should avoid investing at this time. The presence of Saturn and Jupiter in the fifth place is not good as differences may arise between marital couples. Thus, let love reign in your relationship.


This period is excellent for Librans. Through the influence of Venus, lord of the Libra, you will get guidance. This planetary position is not denying you success, but hard work remains the key. With the presence of Mercury and the Sun in Virgo, workers will benefit, but contrary, for those running the business. The Connivance of Mars with the Sun and Mercury in Virgo, Librans will struggle a little. Watch your eating habits, or you will have to spend a lot on medicine and doctors’ fees.


There will be mixed results for Scorpions. Mars is present in the eleventh house but cannot give promising results with the Sun and Mercury in the Virgo zodiac. Employees will get financial benefits, albeit exhausted from the increased workload. Those running the business will benefit but should not take any risk as a precaution. Saturn’s presence in third place will increase confidence. Due to Venus’ influence, time for love is suitable, but some fluctuations will be noticed for married people. Avoid arguments, for it may create some disturbance.


Iffy times for Sagittarians who are into business, but great times for hard workers. Due to Jupiter, the lord of Sagittarius, the business will have some setbacks. Thus, those in business will not get most of it from increased expenditures, affecting their financial condition. The appearance of Saturn brings some losses. But for love, the Sun, Mercury, along Mars in Virgo are perfect. Some see-sawing moments in married life will appear, but they will eventually be resolved. Time is fitting for students, so work hard to get good results.


Some satisfactory moments for Capricornians is in the offing since Saturn, the zodiac lord, sits in the first house along with Jupiter. Results: increase confidence, and your mood will guide you to be productive. The presence of the Sun with Mars in the ninth house is creating beneficial yoga for you. You will have to work a little more in business or job, but you will benefit from this hard work. Married people will feel the ups and downs in their relationships. Take care of your health through good eating habits. You may get monetary benefits.


A befitting time for Aquarians, but those in business must be alert to face some uptrends and downtrends. But the employees are fortunate. Saturn, the lord of Aquarius and the champion of justice, sits in his own house to emit positivity and reward the honest workers. Your expenses may increase slightly, but for a good cause. In any relationship, avoid unpleasant arguments, for it could tarnish the relationship. Conducive time for lovers as stress in relationship ebbs. With Saturn’s influence, you will get the monetary benefit for the whole month.


This time will be good for Pisces people. Jupiter, the lord of the zodiac, is creating a good atmosphere with planet Saturn. For business folks, there will be some slight fluctuations. But for the employees, some will be promoted, as the Sun favors you. Time is great for the youngsters in love. Due to the strategic position of Venus and Mercury, Pisceans will be joyful. Time is good for the students who will concentrate on their studies. They will surely get good results from their hard work. All Piscean’s health will be fine during this period.