Horoscope June 2018 By Sukhbir Mangat


This appears like the time where you grab the bull by the horns. Even your siblings display qualities of courage and fearlessness. Wealth comes naturally to you along with much prosperity. Get your travel bags ready as short pilgrimage looks on the cards.Your wise decisions would be appreciated at home & work. You are likely to make smooth material achievements with bright sources of livelihood. You may take giant strides at work owing to the power and prestige. Honor and dignity is what you appear to be gaining in the social arena.


The bulls look to be charging once again on full cylinders. After the hiccups of previous times, future times promises steady and healthy improvements. This period would be a fortunate one with money coming to you. Your personality and confidence would be the bridge between you and prosperity. Cash in hand looks to be increasing, giving you the privilege to buy expensive stuff. Better working efficiency and improved health would result in escalated income levels. You appear more confident and fearless than ever before, clutching to opportunities that pass by.


This period may require a little extra from you. You might have to go that extra mile to make your decisions work. Financial gains might not be very high but would remain moderate and reasonable. Though any major losses are not predicted but health would slow down your progress. You might even have to spend some extra in paying medical bills. You may find yourself managing your assets well. Overall this period would be a regular and average one for you.


Your Horoscope depicts a passive time ahead. Money related matters should be dealt with care as chances of financial loss are depicted. However, business travels are on the cards. Financial status may face minor setbacks nonetheless, the overall stability of funds may not be disturbed. Chances of winning prizes are also denoted. Donating a section to charity may help you in ways unknown. Being around with friends and loved ones should ease your stress levels. Overall, life may move at a sluggish pace and you should do your best to keep things in check.


This period seems to be a promising with plenty of monetary benefits on the cards. Career may see exceptional growth. New project may rope in unexpected gains. Favors from the govt. are likely while credit and acknowledgment at work would be there. Bounteous riches, increased income and great salary is demonstrated. You should spend some time to work on domestic harmony during this period.


Your Horoscope signifies that you may lean towards religion, profound learnings, and spiritual journeys. Luck in general, should support you with progress denoted on professional front. Sun grants you with vigorous fearlessness, knowledge, and wisdom. It is advised that you remain in your current state of work to witness the upcoming progress. Despite the fact that there seems to be some disharmony at home, your social status appears to be on the rise. However, obtaining resources and training for new ventures may cause concern. Ancestral property might become a cause of disputes.


This period marks an uprising in fortune. Luck should mostly be in your favor. Despite a few restrictions, cash flow should remain satisfactory during this period. You may tend to have religious disposition & may even undertake pilgrimages. There are possibilities of developing a spiritual inclination, which might lead to spiritual learnings as well. Sun may grace you with courage, ego, intelligence, & initiative to do things during this period.


Your Horoscope marks the signs of progress. Unexpected growth for your spouse is likely. Business may see an array of new opportunities for progress and profits. Business partners might pull in financial profits. However, cash flow might experience a blockage in the form of a held back payment. Hence, financial management should be emphasized during this period & careful monitoring of savings is advised. Overall, this period should bring new prospects of growth and progress at all levels.


It shows a competitive environment sprouting at work. You may continue to grow your skills but so will your competition. You should be ready to work hard towards your goals during this period. Confrontations and ego clashes are futile and should be completely avoided at work. Push your body but only within the feasible limits to maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life. The period may see your spouse displaying a variable temperament with excessive mood swings but this should be handled with deftness. Financial gains may flow in from your spouse. Travels are possible. Business partners may prove their usefulness by bringing in financial profits during his period.


For working individuals, this period denotes a bright spot in career. You can expect the possibility of financial and professional growth. It appears to be a good time to venture into new projects and expanding network. Beware of jealous people around you as they might try to create roadblocks on your way to success. There is a possibility of some issues on health front. Try to stay away from court cases & proceedings as they might incur high expenditures. Also, try not to engage yourself in unnecessary disputes at work or home.


You would continue to remain an authoritative figure at work. A rise in reputation doesn’t look far but avoid any ego clashes at work, as it may increase stress and mental pressure. Respect and fame remain good during this time. It is a good time for students seeking higher education preferably in government institutions. If you are doing a job, gains are indicated. Success in new endeavors is denoted as well as increase in your social activities. Care should be taken towards childbirth as progeny prospects are not bright. The overall month appears to be positive.


You would go through this period with fearlessness. Your brothers and sisters might make a name for themselves during this period. A short pilgrimage might take place due to your spiritual inclination. Due to your wisdom & enthusiasm, your decisions are likely to earn you appreciation. Your dignity, honor & respect at office might increase. Your leadership qualities might land you in ego clashes with colleagues, which should be avoided.