Arvinder Singh: An International Star Dedicated to His Craft

Vancouver is fast becoming a top destination for top international stars. DRISHTI Readers Choice Magazine was fortunate enough to meet one such incredible talent during his recent visit to British Columbia – International singing superstar Arvinder Singh.
Arvinder Singh has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the Bollywood Film Industry – names like Shahrukh Khan, Govinda, Akshay Kumar, Karishma Kapoor, Salman Khan, Kajol, Juhi Chawala – yet he remains at his root a humble gentleman, grateful for the opportunities he has been given. He has dedicated much of his life to perfecting his art. He started singing at the age of seven, initially being trained in classical music. “Back then I didn’t have much of a goal or target,” he recalls, “I just decided I wanted to sing.” He gave his first performance at the tender age of ten.
As a teenager, Arvinder Singh moved to Mumbai and expanded his skills. He currently calls Mumbai home, though often finds himself performing elsewhere around the world. “I was very lucky,” he recalls, noting he learned singing from a total of four gurus, including Pandit Devaki Nandan in Himachal Pradesh, Pandit Ram Narayan Sharma of Jaipur Gharana, and Ustad Mahender Singh of Punjab Gharana. While he has a fair share of struggles while on his way to success, Arvinder Singh instead likes to focus on the positives. “I never complained,” he explains, “I appreciated what I was able to do then, and still do now.” He recalls singing Kirtans, and from those, he discovered a sense of calm and peace, something that he continued to maintain throughout his life.
As an internationally renowned singer, Arvinder Singh has produced several notable top hits. These include “Tun Tun Ho Yara” from the film “Dada”, “Ma Ambe” in Aamir Khan’s “Mela”, “Chod Ke Na Jana” from “Maa Tujhe Salaam”, and “Eid Mubarak” from “Tumko Na Bhool Payenge.” He has also sung in several Punjabi movies such as Mannat, Yaara Naal Bahaaran, Des Hoya Pardes, and Chaar Sahibzaade, His unique style blends Indian classical with pop music. It appears to be in the blood, as his children have also embarked on careers as singers. Both his son and daughter have already enjoyed success in their careers as singers. For other upcoming singers wanting long-lasting careers, Arvinder Singh has the following advice: learn your craft, and then practice, practice, practice. “Even for those who have a gift for singing,” he advises, “they should still learn how to perform to the best of their abilities. If you want a long-term career, learn and then practice.” He recalls coming across many other talented artists during his career and observes they all were successful because they took the time to learn and practice to be the best artists possible.
Arvinder Singh apparently practices what he preaches, having created several top musical albums throughout his career. His hit albums include: Paani Sharab Mein (HMV), Sharab Jo Na Peeye (T Series), Rangeen Paani (T Series), Tip Tip Taara (BMG Cresendo), Vallah Re Vallah (Zee Music), Boole le (Zee Music), and “Non-stop Pahadi Natiyaan” (T-Series). His latest Hit album is entitled Jab Tak Hai Jee, Jee Bhar Ke Pee (Kuber Music). Arvinder Singh has also provided music and sang as well for TV serials such as Saanjha Chulha, Hindustani, Jai Maata Ki and Sanjeevani. He has also performed more than a thousand stage shows in India and Abroad. Wherever he is performing, one thing is for certain – audiences will be singing along as well as dancing to his amazing voice and catchy rhythms.
As noted on his website (, “Arvinder Singh has had a long and eventful career, a career that has been full of hard work and unflinching dedication. It is a career that has been built meticulously, brick by brick, over the years. It is a career that began at the bottom rung of the musical ladder and has now reached a status where his name is respected not only in India but also across the world.”
While Arvinder Singh is clearly a talented and driven artist, he is also humble, giving credit to the many gurus, friends, and family who have helped and supported him in becoming a worldwide star. “I am very lucky,” he advises. “I have met many people from both inside and outside the industry, and have learned from all of them.” He has also taken the time to enjoy life. “No matter what one achieves,” he advises, “if they don’t have internal peace, Shanti, they will never be happy. Many people will live their entire lives and not be satisfied. I am happy, I enjoy life, and appreciate it.”
While Arvinder Singh’s latest venture to Vancouver was for pleasure, he has also performed in the city on several occasions. “I have always received lots of love from the people of Vancouver,” he advises. “It is a beautiful city, and I have many great friends here.” We welcome a future visit when Arvinder Singh may be able once again to perform for his fans in our beautiful city.