Ram came to Canada in 2000 with a lot of dreams. Back home, he had a perfect position as a General Manager (Operations) at Hero Cycles in their Export Assembly unit in Ludhiana, Punjab, India. After struggling for four years, Ram finally got his Professional Engineer License in 2005. He began working in his own Mechanical Engineering field. Though loving his job then, he realized that his income would be debt free but not financially independent by retirement. Thus, on Feb 4, 2006, he joined WFG for an extra $2000 monthly part-time income to supplement his retirement and daily expenses. The journey was incredible. This company has changed Ram’s and his family’s life—more than he could imagine. Their three children all went to university. The eldest daughter is a Nephrologist, another is a Senior Project Manager at a bank, and the son is a Mechanical Engineer. Without WFG, Ram’s children would have resorted to having student loans or part-time jobs while studying. Because of the opportunity WFG had open for him, he funded all his children’s education without debt. Now, they live in a beautiful 3-million-dollar mortgage-paid-off house.