Akash Sharma began his career in India as an Administration Executive in the early 2000s, and his ability to genuinely connect with clients allowed him to advance to a vital role within a top private life insurance company. In 2010, he moved to Canada with his spouse and two children. “I had heard Canada has great opportunities, great lifestyle, great opportunities for children,” Akash explains. Within a few months, he secured employment as a Greeter with one of Canada’s top financial institutions. His passion for providing superior customer services was often acknowledged in this role.

He soon was hired as a Teller, and after that was promoted to the position of Financial Advisor. Through Akash’s own experience of purchasing a home, he noticed there was a lack of real estate lending services indeed focused on the needs of homebuyers. Therefore he decided in 2014 to move into the real estate lending field and took on a position as a Residential Mortgage Manager. In just a few short years, he had met the goals he had set for himself and decided to undertake another new opportunity, one that built on his previous experiences. Such opportunities came with an absolute risk – of leaving steady income for what could be unpredictable income flow – but Akash had the drive and understanding of the needs of today’s homebuyers to ensure his venture would be successful. “I became a broker, joining the broker world, Akash advises. “This opened up an opportunity for homebuyers to access borrowed funds not just from banks, but also from alternate lending & private lending firms.”

The professional relationships he had developed with other industry professionals, as well as the relationships he had developed with clients, all based on genuineness, trust, and respect, definitely served him well as he embarked on this new opportunity. One of his mottos is “Do good, and good will always come back to you.” He also observes that “I don’t follow the money, if you follow the right path, the money will follow you.” 

In June 2016, Akash incorporated Able and Remarkable Mortgages Inc. with Mortgage Architects Kraft Mortgages Inc. This particular initiative allowed Akash, along with Managing Partner Rubina Bedi and Insurance Investment and Leasing Expert Sunny Kalsi, to provide industry-leading professional mortgage services to their clients. Able and Remarkable Mortgage Architects’ mortgage brokers have the knowledge and expertise to handle residential, commercial, construction, private and land development mortgages. In just a short time, Akash’ efforts in this industry have been acknowledged. Several months ago, he was nominated for an award through the Canadian Mortgage Awards, and the ceremony was held in Toronto this past April.

There were 200 mortgage brokers nominated across 11 categories, and Akash won the Award for Alternative Broker Specialist of the Year (Business for Self); this award acknowledges the superior work he does for his clients, many of whom are self-employed. “This award recognizes that we are doing the right work for our clients,” Akash explains. “It recognizes that we are transparent and genuine.” Akash believes that this award was not possible without the outstanding support of Rubina Bedi as she is the guiding light of our institution. In addition to working with his client base, Akash spends considerable time mentoring new consultants. “When I entered the field, I didn’t have too many people I could turn to who could teach me; I had to learn it on my own. I want to work and mentor those that are new in the field, who want to work in an open, honest and genuine way.” Akash also makes it a point to support community initiatives.

He is a proud sponsor of the Fraser Valley Business Association in Abbotsford, endorses a Youth Transforming Society, group focused on making positive changes in the community, and supports the BC Children’s Hospital. “I am happy to support any charitable initiative that makes a difference in people’s lives,” he advises. While devoting a substantial amount of time to working with clients and engaging in philanthropic work, Akash makes plenty of time for family. “Once my work day is done, it is time for family,” he advises. His emphasis on building genuine relationships extends to life at home, and he is proud of who his children are becoming. He cites a recent example of when his children talked to him about water conservation, as there are many parts of the world where water is scarce. He is proud – and grateful – for the life he has been able to lead both in India and since coming to Canada. Able and Remarkable Mortgage Architects is located at Unit # 201 – 14360 64th Avenue in Surrey. Their website is remarkablemortgages.ca, the office phone number is 778-945-7626, and office e-mail is info@remarkablemortgages.ca

Akash Sharma – 604 722 1890

Rubina Bedi- 604 220 1549