10 Secrets to a Flawless Skin

Our skin is made up of multiple layers, and it’s a reflection of what is inside or instead goes inside us. How often do we moisture it on the outside and forget about nourishing it on the inside?


Our skin is made up of multiple layers, and it’s a reflection of what is inside or instead goes inside us. How often do we moisture it on the outside and forget about nourishing it on the inside? It is crucial to maintain a balance between the two ends to keep it hydrated and glowing at all times.

A person’s skin also is a mirror of his habits and routine. It tends to glow when he is thrilled from within and turns dull when under depression or stress. And when we speak about happiness, we mean contentment and satisfaction from within. Stress and anxiety also lead to dark patches and pigmentation being formed. So, let’s directly get on to 10 secrets to flawless skin.

Avoid regular junk food: Pouncing on a burger or snacking over fries is definitely an easy option. Also, at many times it’s a more tempting offer than a box/ bowl of salad or fresh-cut fruits. These are some habits that need to be cultivated. Moderate quantities are recommended (periodically). The simple reason behind it is that extreme consumption of oil, sauces, and sugar does not know where to be visible from, which leads to bloating, zits, or acne.

Day creams / Night Creams 

Hydrate your skin daily. Using a Sunscreen when stepping out is a must. Since we are exposed to a lot of dust and pollution, using a body lotion immediately after a bath during the day and night cream after washing your face/ hands in the night just before sleeping is a great way to keep it nourished.

Coconut water

Have you ever realized that the heat within your body also leads to dryness and flaking? Well, at most times, when your stomach is upset or there is a persistent issue of indigestion, it reflects on the skin. Consuming coconut water thrice a week could not only suit the stomach, but the compliments you will receive will speak for itself. It’s a Natural hydrant.

No Crash Diets 

This is for all the brides to be. Before their big day, most of them go on crash diets to look very lean, which could lead to stealing all that glow from your face, so consumption of fruits at regular intervals could help with this. Visiting a nutritionist to advise on a personalized diet is advisable.

Removal of make up

These days we are very used to using tanning sprays and even foundations on our hands and legs. Besides, the eye shadows and contouring could be harmful if those thick layers are not properly removed from the skin. It is incredibly vital to remove all the make-up before one goes to sleep in the night because that’s when your skin breathes the most.

Fresh Fruit Application 

It’s also great to apply a fresh cut fruit or a peel-off mask depending upon its rich ingredients. The peel of an orange has a very high content of vitamin C and citric acid, and on the other hand, cutting half a lemon could also get you rid of acne. Yet another application for glowing skin on a limited basis would be missing half a strawberry and applying it directly on the face on the hands before an event for an immediate pink glow.

Rubbing Ice

Rubbing a cube of ice on your body before any application of make-up ensures it closes all the pores, and the make-up does not go right through it. The extreme cold leads to the closing of the pores, and so the make-up not only lasts for a more extended period, but it does not even get into the layers of your skin, keeping it clean and safe.

Steaming it up

Going for regular steam and sauna leads to the opening of the pores. We may have noticed this when we go for facials. It is important to scrub and keep it over steam and continue to get rid of whiteheads and blackheads.



Going for regular facials and massages is an excellent way of rejuvenating the skin, and this also improves the circulation of blood and oxygen flow. This leads to irradicating free radicals and improving the skin from enough cells that have been massaged.

Green Tea 

While many of us are aware that green tea helps eradicate all the toxins and remove all the unwanted waste from the body, it also helps ensure that the skin is more nourished. Besides, if used, tea bags can be kept in the fridge and used on the ice to get rid of dark circles.

The next time you go shopping, spend time at the counters for creams, moisturizers, and lotions and pay a reasonable amount of time while selecting the fruits and vegetables that you pick for your day-to-day life. Citrus-based fruits and vegetables act as excellent antioxidants. On the other hand, fresh-cut fruits keep you nourished, reflecting on your body and skin.