Precious, Semi-precious, and Gemstones

Precious stones, semi-precious stones, and gemstones are words we hear all time, but not all of us know the difference between all of these.


Precious stones, semi-precious stones, and gemstones are words we hear all time, but not all of us know the difference between all of these.

  • Are all of these very expensive?
  • Are all of these related to astrology?
  • Do we need to check our birth chart before adorning anyone of these?
  • Are these readily available?
  • Do we need to visit an Astro Guru or an astronomer?
  • Can these do harm to you?

These are some questions that come to our minds when we hear these words.

We will answer a lot of these questions and explore some insights into many kinds of crystals.

Gemstones are of two kinds, namely ‘precious’ and ‘semi-precious.’ The precious ones are like rubies, diamonds, and emeralds that cost a fortune and are usually used for luxury jewelry. Whereas semi-precious stones like pearls, onyx, amethyst are not extremely expensive and can still be used in different jewelry depending upon the design and frame. Then there are crystals. There is yet a slight overlap between gemstones and crystals. Still, the primary classification between the two stays wide to say that gemstones predominantly consist of more expensive stones and usually compliment your zodiac sign or birth chart. In contrast, crystals have a definite form and energy and could be used for many figurines, day-to-day accessories, and placements. Crystals with their energy that could be placed within the proximity of your room or office to create the right vibe :

1. Rose Quartz

This baby pink color translucent rock is a symbol of love, and it is a symbol of serenity. Placing this in different forms like rose quartz trees, raw cut stone, or even paperweights help to keep the energy of love around. It’s a stone that helps build bonds between friends, family, and loved ones, and it assists in rebuilding relationships and attracts love and peace in life. These could also be worn in the form of accessories like bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.

2. Clear Quartz

As the name suggests, this is a white piece of rock quite clear in nature, and it helps in bringing complete clarity to mind. It brings about a change and builds a decisive nature. Placing this at work would help bring clarity of thought, easy decision making, clearing of the mind, and calmness. When your mind is occupied with multiple things, it does not know what to place your attention into.

3. Lapis Lazuli

This blue piece of rock has the potential of revealing the inner truth. It builds compassion and confidence to speak up, share opinions and create a place at home and work. One can wear it as a pendulum form, bracelet, or a pendant for its healing powers and a stone of wisdom. It helps to build a bond with yourself and analyze and create self-awareness.

4. Red Jasper

It comes in colors that vary from dark brown to red, and it’s used for healing the root chakra, which is the lowermost chakra. It helps to build self-love and brings back lost self-esteem due to any difficulties faced in life. It makes you realize your self-worth and builds a strong bond with your inner child. That’s the child within you that’s hurt or is afraid to act even after knowing that it’s right. It helps to get you back that confidence.

5. Tiger’s Eye

This stone resembles the eye of the tiger. It usually has brown-black with a tinge of gold color. Considered the stone of protection, this is usually worn in rings and as pendants. It helps to bring focus and keeps you away from emotions making you practical in your decision-making. In case of lingering issues, it helps to resolve them through the power of the mind. All in all, it makes you fierce to face the world.

6. Black Tourmaline

You must have noticed black rocks on office tables. These protect you from any kind of negative energy and keep you grounded. Known to swallow negative energy, this rock even breaks on its own without much movement. One can place this wherever they are bound to have high anxiety levels like, for example, conference rooms and boardrooms.

7. Green Jade

It is the color of the heart chakra, and so it helps in healing the heart and keeps your nervous system and your immunity high. It is also known to positively impact the kidneys, thyroid, spleen, and liver. It’s a crystal for self-healing and can be worn on the neck, as earrings, or even as bracelets.