Samsung Family hub refrigerator

Samsung Family hub refrigerator – Has a tablet on the door and a camera on the inside!

Samsung’s new Family Hub refrigerator has a 21.5-inch tablet on the door and a camera on the inside of the fridge! The tablet screen can display your family calendar, the weather, recipes, or photos. Meanwhile, the camera inside the refrigerator takes a picture when the door closes. It’s a handy way to monitor what you need to buy regarding groceries, milk, juices and produce. The tablet, of course, does all the things a tablet does and is a handy way to leave messages and keep in contact with the family. It’s a radical alternative to a handwritten scrawled note left on the kitchen table or the sticky Post-It note message that always seems to fall to the floor and missed. The tablet allows you to check the weather, scan email and all the multitude of tasks. So, the next time Billy needs to be picked up from work, school or college you can’t say you didn’t see the note and did not get the message! Oh and no selfies in the fridge, please. The Samsung refrigerator costs approximately $5,000.