ROSY ATWAL: Founder of Canada’s First Organic Pharmaceutical Company

Born and bred in Surrey, Rosy Atwal always saw herself in a flourishing career in marketing. Passionate about helping brands tell their stories, Rosy markets products and services to consumers in Canada and beyond. For almost 20 years she worked in the marketing industry for iconic brands such as Smirnoff, Nature’s Path and Sleeman’s Brewery.

After settling down and having a family, Rosy realized how difficult it was to not only manage her work and home life but to find products for her children that were made out of high-quality and safe ingredients. In North America, we take hot showers daily and then lather our bodies with products not knowing how many toxins are in everyday consumer brands. Growing up in an Indian family, she saw the difference in how people of Indian backgrounds would take care of their bodies. Traditionally, families would massage their muscles following a hard day at work on farms. They would use organic homemade butter on their bodies with a mild soap.

Being a mom herself, she felt the need to explore Indian skincare and see how she could introduce it to the Western World. Using a particular ingredient, kokum butter (derived from the Mangosteen plant), she recreated recipes from her Mom’s family and expanded them to create safe, useful products for Joint Pain, Muscle Pain, and Coughs & Colds.

Rosy began her MBA at Richard Ivey School of Business and met Ashley Ward, a seasoned expert in management consulting and franchising. She had a chance to connect with Ashley about her story, and they soon realized there was a gap in the marketplace for ‘better-for-you’ products that had actually benefit your body. Beyond this, Ashley and Rosy developed a world-class business model, which would allow men and women to resell their products and earn up to 35% commission. An excellent opportunity for everyone was born, spreading great health and great prosperity for the consumer and the commissioned sales representative, known as Wellness Consultants. They graduated from business school and co-founded Maple Organics.

Maple Organics is a USDA Organic certified company and is known to be Canada’s first organic pharmaceutical company. The company sells a variety of natural pharmaceutical and personal hygiene and lifestyle products (i.e., baby products, essential oils, bug spray). Their vision is to make families healthier and safer by developing plant-based products to replace chemical filled ointments.

Soon after launching, they had opportunities to sell at mass supermarkets but instead chose to use a direct sales approach as it empowers women who want to get involved and make supplemental income outside of their day jobs or as stay-at-home moms. With consultants nationally selling the products, the company is growing fast and is expected to increase.

Maple Organics has recently been awarded ‘New Business of the Year’ by the Surrey Board of Trade, and we are excited to watch their growth in the years to come! For more information, please visit