Samriddhi Singh: Self-love is the path to loving others

Being crowned Miss Teenage Lower Mainland 2017 in March changed my life! Since the pageant, I have gotten so many unique opportunities to showcase myself and try and bring change to the youth of Vancouver. I’ve had amazing people supporting me through this time and for my journey to Miss Teenage Canada 2017 in early August, and I really can’t thank them enough!

After winning, I have gotten the chance to broaden my thoughts about my platform to a much larger population. Self-love is something I’m quite passionate about. It is all about teaching yourself to accept your thoughts and body for what they are. I started to believe more in self-love when I started getting severe eczema. I never liked having those scars and marks, and so I started training my mind to think that it was getting better. It was through the belief of self-love that I got rid of my scars and after realizing that, I decided to help others out with this. The Miss Teenage British Columbia pageant gave me a huge platform to educate people on the subject of self-love and body image. Since then, I have partnered up with Safeteen BC to be able to help more people, who are struggling with issues like these. I have talked at workshops since then, and there are much bigger plans coming up ahead. One of the talks I did this summer was held at the North Shore Women’s Centre during the Girls Empowerment Camp. Safeteen and I are planning on doing weekly, open-room talks starting September to expand the knowledge of self-love and body image. This summer, in preparation for Miss Teenage Canada, I did many volunteer events. These events included the Walk To Fight Arthritis, Little Black Dress Gala, Canada Day Parade, Carnaval Del Sol, and the Surrey Fusion Festival! I have many more important events still coming up! Now, a little bit of back-story about me. I was always determined and focused about my dreams. Since the age of 3, I had decided that I was going to be an actor/model when I grow up and now at the age of 14, I’m finally moving on to that path. I started acting for theatre when I was six years old, and have continued since then. As of the past year, I have begun to take acting and to model more seriously, and incorporating it into my career. I wish that everyone focuses on their dreams and that they achieve those goals. It’s imperative to believe in yourself and know that you can do anything you set your mind to because that’s what is most important. If you love yourself, no one can stop you from doing anything you set your mind to. I want to be an open source of advice for anyone struggling with issues like these. If you need help, please don’t hesitate to contact me through social media or by email. Once again, a huge thank you goes out to my friends, family, well-wishers and my fantastic sponsor CRAFT Academy salon, for supporting me through this journey!


Miss Teenage Lower Mainland.