Anxiety and stress can make you age faster

Are you an overthinker? Does anticipation make your stomach wobble? Do you worry about every small thing? Have you ever felt giddy or had a stomach ache or nausea when you went overboard worrying about something that’s not within your control?


Are you an overthinker?

Does anticipation make your stomach wobble?

Do you worry about every small thing?

Have you ever felt giddy or had a stomach ache or nausea when you went overboard worrying about something that’s not within your control?

Most of us are a victim of that, while some are constantly battling it, while others have it rarely. Considering our cyclic schedules, hectic lifestyles, and unhealthy eating habits, there is a high tendency of stress piling up. Most times, we do not even realize how often we neglect our bodies at the cost of work or personal pressures. These days the first thing we wake up and do is look at our phones, scroll through social media, look at everyone’s holiday pictures, and then ponder what’s happening with our own lives. Gone are when people used to wake up in the morning and meditate, go for a jog or visit a temple. While it hasn’t vanished, the numbers have definitely gone down a lot that follows a little conscious discipline.

All of this tends to build up stress, so stress is not necessarily a feeling or an emotion that enters only when there is a calamity or an accident. This pattern of continually thinking and having similar thoughts, again and again, especially worrisome, leads to aging of not only our skin and externally but also the internal organs, which eventually reflect on the outside.

Have you come across people and felt they looked much older because of their features, and you cannot understand if that’s because of the skin or the glow or maybe the wrinkles?

Have you ever stepped onto a ‘Body composition machine’ or a ‘Biological Age Analysis Machine’? It’s a machine that tells you your age biologically and its difference chronologically. The difference between the two is that chronologically we stand by the period from the year that we are born and biologically is the age of our internal body (organs), which compared to an ideal person’s. So one maybe 35 years old Chronologically, but his body may be of a person who is 45 years. At most times, this could have a difference of 4 to 5 years, which means our body ages faster than our chronological age, but in case of this difference being overweight and above, we really need to step back and think of what is not going right with us.

While many would ask why chronologically and biologically, there could be a difference. The reason for it is that our internal body, especially our organs – heart, liver, kidneys, and more need to over-function when the mind is overthinking. At most times, we tend to either eat significantly less or consume way too much. In such cases, the body has to function faster than usual to break down all the excess food or provide enough nutrition for the body to work. However, it is not getting enough nutrition from external sources.

When our body tends to age, alongside with it, our skin and bones age. Early signs of osteopenia or osteoporosis are signs of deficiency of calcium or depletion of calcium. Besides, wrinkles and pigmentation on the outside could be one of the early symptoms of aging. Many creams and supplements help fill the gap, but what really matters is our mind. Stress and anxiety start from the intellect. When we see a particular incident in front of us or experience a specific adventure of fear, humiliation, ego, suppression, health issues, or deprivation, it is the starting point of a thought being formed in mind. How this thought on multiple occasions start increasing in magnitude and frequencies throughout the day is how stress builds on. This could affect our aging and lead to many other health conditions like colitis or stomach burning, cramping, insomnia, hypochondriasis, aches and pains in the joints, and sometimes even worse.

To avoid the same, one must keep control of his thinking abilities and stress. While at most times, it is not advisable to divert yourself but face the issue. Sometimes, if the pressure or worry is not within your control, it’s best to redirect yourself and keep engaged in activities that bring peace to the mind and keep you calm.

Five measures to keep stress in control:

  1. Meditation / Yoga/ Exercise daily keeps your mind energetic and fresh
  2. Consuming three regular meals – breakfast, lunch, and dinner with Mild snacks of fruits
  3. Regular checks and consuming supplements with a doctor’s consultation is advisable
  4. Engaging yourself in activities that you enjoy—watching movies/cooking/baking/writing
  5. Consuming 2 to 3L of water minimum to ensure that your body is supple and kept calm

Instead of directly opting for skin tightening creams and lotions or opting for Botox, introspect to comprehend what within you can change for a better lifestyle and be assured for the mirror reflections to be visible on the outside.