Kirti Arneja & Mika Singh

Kirti Arneja is a gifted vocalist from Vancouver, whose Sufi style adds an individual uniqueness to Hindi and Punjabi classics. Praised for her perfect voice, she has been influenced by all music genres since her youth—from rock to pop, along with Indian classical and Punjabi folk music.

It all started on October 12, 2015. She sang during the intermission of King Mika Singh’s show. Though Mika Singh didn’t hear her that night, Kirti had a second chance to sing the next day while at a dinner party in honor of Mika Singh.  He gave her his undivided attention that night. He talked to Kirti, suggesting that she come to India.

Two years later, after graduating from high school and completing a year of college in a music program, Kirti went to New Delhi. Once she contacted Mika, he insisted that she should sing the Sufi (poetic) song for him on the spot. She obliged.  He instantly texted his recording studio to get a song recorded. Kirti, ecstatic to have this opportunity, recorded the song. After hearing the recording, Mika decided to launch the song in India, and that he would sing a few lines in it, too. Then the video recording was planned with a storyline created by Mika Singh himself. The song is a folk song called “Jogi” with new lyrics and modern, engaging sound of Punjabi Rock fusion.

In March and May of 2016, Kirti headlined at ISHQ – A Live Concert at The Hard Rock Casino in Vancouver. These intimate concerts showcased her enormous talent as she sang Hindi & Punjabi classics in her Sufi style.  She had opened for both Mika Singh & Sonu Nigam’s concerts as well as performed for many superstars—including Kailash Kher, Salim Merchant, the late Jagjit Singh, and most recently, director Anurag Kashyap.

Recognized for her accomplished solo performances of Hindi ghazals at the Mushtari Begum Festival, Kirti shines in the art of classical music. She has been featured as a solo artist at the BC Children’s Hospital Telethon for several years and continues to captivate audiences with her live performances.  Her other performances include Dine Out Vancouver at Vij’s; The Drishti Awards Night gala; The Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival, and the Vancouver International Bhangra Celebration City of Bhangra Festival.

“Kirti has a beautiful voice,” Mika opined. “I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing her sing everywhere.”

And that wish is likely to come true for Kirti. She is looking forward to taking the next step in her musical journey with the release of her first song under Mika Singh’s label.

Meanwhile, she is currently on a USA tour with King Mika Singh and his band. She has been performing her soon-to-be-released  “Jogi” on tour.  The audiences love the beat. The song was released last April. There was a huge media launch in New Delhi at the end of April. Kirti has signed on with Mika Singh for two years. She will continue recording original and cover songs, and perform with Mika Singh at his concerts worldwide.

On the other hand, Mika Singh is an Indian singer, songwriter, composer, and performer. With millions of fans across all ages all over the world, he has given Punjabi music a distinct identity. His unique voice and style has gained him huge critical appreciation in the last decade and also the title of a: “Powerhouse Entertainer.”

Whether it’s a high-profile party, wedding function, or friendly get-together, Mika Singh’s music has become the soundtrack of “having a good time.” Songs like Sawan Mein Lag Gayi Aag, Gabru, Dunalli and Something Something—have shaken the Punjabi and non-Punjabi circles worldwide.

Also a Musical Director in his own right, Mika Singh is better known as “The King of Bollywood,” reaching unmatched popularity levels. As an acclaimed musician, he has belted out dozens of chartbusters from his solo Bollywood soundtrack albums.