Gurpreet did his Master’s Degree in Mathematics in India. Then, he went to England for higher studies and returned to his home country. In 2011, moving to Canada became an option. During his first two years, he worked in quite a few jobs. His first one was as a landscaper, followed by being a Cannery staff, and then as a Greenhouse Nursery worker. His income was low and stagnant. Hence, he tried to look forward to where he could make more money to support his family. After a while, someone approached him from the World Financial Group. With the help of his trainer, he built his business while also helping other families to their financial success. The best part about World Financial Group is it can help people to achieve their dreams. In 2023, he dreamed of building a big business in North America and taking more people along with him to the platform where they can achieve their financial dreams and help more people change their lives. WFG is a blessing, and where he is today is only because of WFG. It drastically changed his lifestyle for the better, his thinking, and his thought process. “TRUST YOURSELF.”