Statement by the Prime Minister to mark the New Year

“This year has been challenging for many of us. We have experienced a global pandemic that has threatened our health, our economy, and our very way of life. We have seen acts of senseless violence that have devastating impacts on our communities. And, we have heard heartbreaking stories and calls for justice from racialized Canadians and Indigenous peoples, demanding that we act now to address racism, discrimination, and injustices in our country.

20 South Asian American Pageant Queens Share A United Message in Solidarity With Farmers in India

“In a country with over 70% of the population in the agricultural and its allied sectors, the past few weeks have been increasingly difficult with farmer suicide rates on the rise and violence in the face of peaceful protests. Pageant women have a unique ability to bring attention to issues and also, gain widespread support – financially and otherwise – within their communities. We know we have this unique platform and we are passionate about using it for what we believe in strongly,” says Serene Singh, the project’s founder.