Leap Ahead, In the 2021 Toyota GR Supra

The love of driving runs deep for many – and the performance-first Toyota GR Supra embraces that passion. For 2021, Toyota Canada offers up the GR Supra in three exciting flavours at made-to-move prices, all designed to make the true car lover’s heart race in anticipation of the drive ahead.

Original signed copy by Respected Mayor Kennedy Stewart Proclaim May 23, 2020 as a  Komagata Maru Remembrance Day in the City of Vancouver

“I would like to say thank you to the Respected Mayor Kennedy Stewart and Respected City Councillor’s of Vancouver for recognizing the Komagata Maru passengers and proclaim the May 23 2020 as a Komagata Maru Remembrance Day in City of Vancouver behalf a request from the Descendants of the Komagata Maru Society. Which was written by me.I am glad to be a part of making this happen.”