BCBC’s ‘Strong Economy, Strong Community’ Event Raises $30,000 for Local Charities

Front row, left to right: Jas Johal, CKNW; Laura Jones, Business Council of B.C.; Susannah Pierce, Shell Canada; Lisa Sparrow, Corix; Deb Lester, Covenant House; Ninu Kang, Ending Violence B.C.; Arnold Cheng, Spectrum Ability.
Back row, left to right: Ryan Peterson, Strategic Alternatives; George Chayka, B.C. Lions; Jason Cole, Power to Be; The Honourable Janet
Austin, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia; Benedic Dasalla, Advantage Solutions CDS; Martin Thibodeau, RBC Royal Bank.

Canada Cup on April 20th

Brace yourselves for an unmatched show as the Bhullar family hosts the Canada Cup, a monumental live show featuring Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling and MMA on April 20th at the Sungod Arena in North Delta.

Herbal Care for Your Hair

An Anglo-Indian word “shampoo” is derived from the Hindi “champo”, meaning “head massage.” “Champo is  in turn is derived from the Sanskrit/Hindi word “champa, ” perhaps referring to the flowers of the plant, Michelia champa, which is traditionally been used to make fragrant hair oil.