AshrithaMiss Teen Canada-World Production conducted a provincial level competition in British Columbia in the first weekend of March 2014. The competition had many levels of elimination and focused more or less on intelligence than beauty. The competition had interview rounds, platform and introductory rounds, evening gown catwalk, office wear catwalk, an opening number and many more. Sunday night was the night when the results were announced.

Aashritha Royyuru from Surrey, British Columbia was a finalist and is currently the new title holder as Miss Teen Southern British Columbia 2014. She is a finalist and is going to Toronto in July for nationals. She is
the youngest amongst them all ( 8th grade ) and is the only title holder for 2014 that is from Indian origin. She has achieved many awards like an inter-school speech competition where she won first place in all of the
Surrey School District. She is volunteering for United Nations Organizations in 2014 to work with charity foundations around the world and make the world a better place. She is nominated locally for a Youth Excellence Award in education, community, and socially. She is receiving a $500 dollar prize in honor of her achievements. Nationals in Toronto has similar rounds as provincials but also a talent round, social networking prizes, peoples choice (voting), and many more. If Aashritha were to be chosen in the top 20 she is eligible to go to international Miss Teen competitions and visit countries representing Canada for fundraising organizations and foundations.

Nationals offers over $30,000 dollar prizes and scholarships for teenagers to plan out their future.

Aashritha is very thankful for her family, friends, and community for the positivity, support, and generous atmosphere. Below is her profile:Aashritha is a 14 year old girl, aspiring to be in the field of medicine. Her aim is to become a pediatrician so that she can pursue her passion of helping children. To fulfill this aspiration on a bigger stage, she would like to become the Indo-Canadian ambassador. Contesting for Miss Teen Canada, she is the title holder for the region of Surrey, British Columbia. She’s an exponent of Indian culture and is keen on upholding her heritage. She has been undergoing Indian classical dance training for the last 5 years with Mrs.

Saritha Rajesh, and is also encouraged by Jayalakshmi Ravindra. She has performed in a multitude events doing various forms of dances in both Greater Vancouver and India. A testament to her versatility is that she has given over forty dance performances so far. Aashritha’s hobbies include skating, basketball and photography. She is a budding orator and enjoys elocution, having won first prize in an inter school competition. She is also a keen swimmer and is looking forward to be a lifeguard in the summers wherein she can supervise and maybe even save lives. She is inspired by her father who is a social activist and also mother also an Indian classical dancer.She needs your encouragement, and support as you are also a part of her extended family and community. She is sure of your generous and positive response.Her motto for life is ” Believe with all your heart, that you will do what you meant to do”. These were some of the questions asked at the Surrey BC pageant, and her answers.

Q. What is your definition of beauty?
A. I personally think being beautiful is not in any form of physical appearance. You are beautiful when you are humble, when you are selfless, when you have a positive look on things and when you give back and appreciate to everyone around you, whether it’s your family, friends, or community.

Q. Is age just a number to you?
A. I truly believe it doesn’t matter how old you are, you can always be young if you are young and true at heart. Even if you feel that you are very old in age it doesn’t matter as long as your intentions are positive and your perspective on life is positive. I have many examples in my life like my grandparents and other family who always remind me that age is just a question of mind over matter.

Q. What would you like to work as when you are older?
A. I am young but I am very confident of my future. I want to do whatever I can to make my future bright, so I can help other people. When I am older, I want to enter the field of medicine, and specialize in pediatrics. I have a strong bond with children and as they are the future, I believe we need to take care of them to ensure that the future is bright. I feel that the world has a lot to offer for children but they just are not aware of their opportunities. I want to be that person who lends a helping hand and is by their side throughout and in each step when they are building their future. Show message history

Q. If you had to chose intelligence or beauty, what would you chose?
A. I think you can have anything in the world, use it in a positive and in a beneficial way to make yourself beautiful, I believe being intelligent is beauty. Hence choosing intelligence is basically choosing beauty since if you are intelligent you are beautiful.

Q. What is your platform?
A. My platform is to spread the word to everyone that we are tremendously lucky to be here living in Canada, with everything we want at our fingertips. Even though we are so lucky why aren’t we doing anything? There are people around the world who are unfortunately under-privileged and under the poverty line and, I feel like we should all work together and help each one of them out. I’d just like them all to remember that even if  they say that the sky is the limit, there are foot steps on moon.