Abhayjeet Singh

Abhayjeet Singh wins prestigious national awards to be a role model for the South Asian Youth

He is just 15 years old, but his attitude towards life beams with positivity and happiness. Whether it is academics, sports, social work or winning prestigious national awards, Abhayjeet Singh is always at the top. He is a fantastic piano player, plays ice hockey and participates in many extra-curricular activities. As both an honor roll and Principals list student at Delta’s Seaquam Secondary School, he is among the 17 high school students to have won the Vimy Pilgrimage Award. She will travel to France and Belgium in April 2017 to learn about Canada’s First World War legacy, participating in the commemorations for the centennial of the Battle of Vimy Ridge. Out of over 300 applicants from across the country, Abhayjeet was selected to participate in this program, which recognizes the actions of young people who demonstrate outstanding service, positive contributions, and leadership in their communities.

The Vimy Pilgrimage Award consists of a fully funded, week-long educational program in Europe to study Canada’s tremendous First World War effort. This week, scheduled for April 7 – 16, 2017 and organized by the Vimy Foundation, will include classroom education and daily field trips to important First World War sites. The 100th anniversary of Vimy coincides with the 150th birthday of Canada in 2017 and will be one of the most highly recognized milestones for Canada next year.

The Battle of Vimy Ridge was not simply a First World War battle; students will learn how this event was Canada’s coming of age. As Vimy Foundation Executive Director Jeremy Diamond notes, “It was a seminal moment in our history, a victory that helped give us our voice around the world.”

Abhayjeet had also been selected for the prestigious Arctic expedition in July 2016, organized by Students on Ice. He joined the Students on Ice Arctic Expedition and received a full $11,900 scholarship from the US Embassy to take part in the expedition.

The participants traveled to the eastern Canadian Arctic and western Greenland, and they learned about the poles from a global perspective. The journey involved a team of more than 100 high school and university students from around the world.

Guided by a team of scientists, elders, artists and educators, they developed a deeper connection to the land, culture, and people of the Arctic as they engaged in hands-on research, listened to elders, visited remote Arctic communities, observed wildlife, bridged cultures and fostered understanding with youth from around the world.

In 2013, Abhayjeet gave a TEDx talk called the Theory of Creativity that allowed him to pursue his passion for public speaking. Shortly after the speech, Deloitte Incorporation sponsored him to speak at schools about getting involved. This year, he started a Speech Club at his school to help students with public speaking.

He is also an active member of the Debate and Model United Nations Club, where he went on different delegations to debate on topics such as climate change and Arctic sovereignty. He is also very involved with the school’s Environmental Club, where he built a rain garden and led an environmental awareness presentation at a local elementary school. Abhayjeet has an incredible ability to manage his time well and to put forth his strongest effort in all areas of his life.

Abhayjeet says that “I am inspired by not only my parents, who push me to do better but by my creativity and how I can always find creative solutions to problems around me,”

A good role model, indeed, for the youth.