Vishavdeep was born and raised in India. After completing his Master’s Degree in Computer Application, he worked as a Lecturer at one of the prestigious colleges in Punjab. While the income from teaching was okay, it was impossible to retire comfortably. So he immigrated to Australia in 2007. Unfortunately, there was no greener pasture for someone like him there. He ended up driving a taxi for a few years. Realizing there might be more opportunities in Canada, he reunited with his extended family and moved here in 2012. Guess what job he ended up with—as a taxi driver! Was he born to drive a taxi forever? Ram asked himself. He drove a taxi for 12 years, both in Australia and Canada. Disenchantment followed and reached a point where his health was compromised due to prolonged hours of sitting in the vehicle. Flexibility, freedom of time, and, most notably, the belief that he could change his family’s life paved the way for his WFG journey. Ram joined the group in December 2018. He is grateful to this business for helping him build a legacy of financial independence. Looking forward to many more milestones in this entrepreneurship journey, he feels good about helping many families with a brilliant opportunity to change their future.