Veteran model Aman Chahal: Unconventional journey to modelling

“Balance is the essence of my life.”

Q: How did you venture in the field of modeling? When and why did you get started?
A:Like most girls I wanted to model from a very young age. My brother and I had this unique, blondish look that always got a lot of attention. My older cousins would dress me up every day and I loved it! I was approached to model many times during my teenage years but coming from a very traditional family I didn’t do anything about it until after I got married. In 2002, I saw an ad for a fashion show, I contacted them and it all started there.

Q:What’s your personal style? Anything about your favorite style, or colors, a favorite designer may be?
A:I like experimenting with different textures, and patterns. My favorite look is the ever trendy and universal: nice fitting jeans, t shirt and high heels. I like the effortless look but I can’t live without my lip gloss and eyeliner.

Q: Tell us about the highlights of your career so far?
A:Being in love with what I do make me enjoy every moment of modeling. For me the most special moments of my modeling are all about the firsts, from my first time on the runway, to my first magazine shoot, to my first beauty contest, first poster, and the first magazine cover. The excitement and the adrenaline rush mixed with the nervousness made all these moments very special. The excitement is always there because I only do things I love. If my heart is not into it, I don’t do it.

Q: What other milestones have you set along the way?
A: Balance is the essence of my life. I have always set my priorities straight. I have an amazing husband and two adorable kids, and as much as I love modeling, family comes first. I ‘am glad that I have done everything that I wanted, the next thing I want to do is a music video. Opportunities have been there but I have something very specific in my mind and I will only do that.

Q: Has modeling changed other aspects of your life?
A: Yea and no! My personality has always been the same. When I model, I consider myself very fortunate to have the opportunity to do something I love. It has brought a positive energy and gratitude in my life. Therefore modelling or not, I won’t change the person I am. Often people expect models to be a certain way but you will not find an attitude in me.
The day someone tells me I have a bad attitude; I will have screwed up somewhere.

Q: What does fashion mean to you?
A: If you are fashionable you are looking good and you are comfortable in what you wear.
A balanced look is effortless. It has to suit your body type and you have to be able to carry it off.
On the runway I can pull off anything but in everyday life, if there is a certain style that doesn’t suit me or I do not feel comfortable in, I will never wear it.

Q: If you had to pick a favorite outfit from your closet, what would it be?
A: It depends on many factors like my mood and of course the occasion, not to forget the current trends.
Right now I am in love with anything white and lace.

Q: What’s the most memorable shoot of your entire career?
A: It would have to be a shoot I did last year with six small children between the ages of one and eight. I was supposed to be this sophisticated, royal, beautiful, rich woman with all these kids and although the pictures turned out amazing you can imagine what it would be like working with all these kids. Someone always had to go to the washroom, someone would start crying, someone would take off their turban, someone would get a runny nose and someone just didn’t want to be there so it was quite amusing.

Q: How would you spend your ideal day?
A:I would wake up early although this is something I really hate to do! I would do Yoga; have a delicious breakfast with my family. The breakfast would comprise of fresh juice, fruits, eggs, and bacon. Next I would get ready and go shopping with my girlfriends. Then I would like to go to a beautiful beach and relax by the water with my kids, and in the evening I would go for a nice dinner and movie with my husband.

Q:What is your beauty advice?
A: Sleep lots, drink lots of water, eat healthy and smile.

Few of Aman’s favourite things:
Favourite food: Butter chicken
Favourite travel spots: Disney world, Greece and Venice
Favourite Must haves in your closet: a beautiful red dress, a well tailored blazer, black stilettos, and white skinny jeans
Favourite TV show: Friends
Favourite movie: Dilwale Dulhania le Jayenge
Favourite book: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Favourite car: Yellow Convertible Corvette
Favourite model: Adriana Lima
Favourite beauty advice: Treat others how you wanted to be treated