POEMS By Ramneet Kaur


He was in anand, ecstasy.

He dwelled in anand, Anandpur Sahib.

He radiated anand by creating Khalsa, the pure ones.

He bestowed anand to the pure ones.


A Guru true to his words.

A Guru true to his Khalsa panth.

A Guru who is the epitome of sacrifice.

A Guru who sacrificed his father and then four sons.


A sacrifice to fight tyranny.

A sacrifice to fight atrocities.

A sacrifice to fight bandits.

A sacrifice to fight injustice.


His sacrifice gave us our identity.

His sacrifice gave us freedom.

His sacrifice gave us Guru Granth Sahib.

His sacrifice gave us Darbar Sahib.


He belongs to us and we belong to him.

We are his progeny.

We are his lineage.

We are his light.


We have to shine his light.

We have to imbibe his character.

We have to reflect him.

We have to make him proud and justify his sacrifice.

Life without fear (Nirbhau)

Fear of losing.

Fear of failing.

Fear of follies.

Fear of unknown.

Fear of unseen.

Fear of situations.

Fear of future.


Fear is awful.

Fear is dreadful.

Fear is stressful.


Fear is the foe.

Win the fray.

Faith in your spirit.

Victorious over the foe

to attain the state of Nirbhau ( fearlessness)

to have a productive, constructive, serene and fearless mind