Get creative and think outside the box when it comes to winter travel. Although more relaxed, it’s a good time to score some great deals on flights and accommodation in destinations that can be so overcrowded and “touristy” in the summer. Winter is also one of the best seasons to travel on-the-cheap if you time it right. From places with fantastic winter activities to wallet-friendly beach vacations, these are a few winter destinations that are affordable, fun and family in a friendly way.

Sweden –Northern Light Tours

Cheap transatlantic fares and the lure of the Northern Lights make Sweden a top pick for affordable winter destinations this year. For even more savings, search hostels for simpler (but often private) accommodations. The best time to see the fabulous Northern Lights – natures very own fireworks in Sweden is between November and March, and while the northern part of the country boasts the best views, you can sometimes see them in the capital of Stockholm too. Winter brings shorter days, but you can still enjoy the Swedish tradition of “fika” and other traditional Scandinavian hospitality.

Cambodia –Angor Wat

Low airfares mean now is the time to head to Cambodia. Four-star hotels will only cost you about $40 per night. Enjoy beautiful scenery, ancient culture and the warmth of hospitable people the weather is at its best in December and January, so visit during these months for your dream trip to Cambodia’s best tourist attractions like Angkor Wat, Royal Palace – Phnom Penh, and Preah Monivong National Park.

Hawaii – Honolulu, Maui, and Oahu

Hawaii fares are now cheaper than ever thanks to so many budget airlines. Moreover, you can also find other deals on the islands, depending on where you go this winter. February is the best time to go regarding costs. Keep your eye out for quick sales and deals as more details of flights to the islands become available. To save on stays, avoid expensive fees by opting for a hotel instead of a resort. The months of January and February are the whale-watching season, so head out on a whale-watching cruise and enjoy the warm winter weather. Other favorite activities across the islands include Oahu’s North Shore for surfing, Maui’s Wailea area for golfing, and Molokai’s Kahiwa Falls for epic waterfall views. Mexico – Quintana Roo,

If you’re looking for an easy and inexpensive beach getaway this winter, the towns in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo are your best bet. Quintana Roo (home to Cancun, Tulum, Cozumel, Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, and more) are inexpensive in terms of accommodation, food and travel.   Save on accommodations by booking basic three-star hotels and inns which will cost you about $100 per night in areas like Tulum and Cancun.

Las Vegas – Nevada

Las Vegas is a popular destination year-round, that’s only a few hours away, in the same Pacific Time zone. It makes for a quick and easy warm-up from a deep freeze Canadian winter! The entertainment and nightlife are always excellent, while room rates for some of the very best rooms are around $200 a night, Make for the off-Strip accommodation, and you can find rooms for less than $50 per night. In addition to all of the cabaret shows, gambling and other thrills visitors enjoy a host of other attractions “Sin City” is known.

Jamaica – Montego Bay

Montego Bay in Jamaica is one of the few reasonably priced places to visit during high season, in the balmy Island from about mid-January through early April. Moreover, the weather during this time of year is just superb. Winter is also a great time to find deals on flights and accommodation packages ranging from ultra- luxury to budget-friendly. Fantastic scenery, sea vista’s, and with a laid-back vibe, there is always something for everyone, from just chilling out on the sand to exciting water sports. There are plenty of activities to do.

Italy – Venice

Vancian locals say Venice is even prettier in the winter as the tourists clear in the low season with lower airfare and hotel rates. If you’re looking for more culture history and excitement, January and February is the time for Carnevale di Venezia festival, one of the most famous carnivals in Europe, and Low season also means the cities numerous tourist attractions are more accessible. Great food, excellent shopping and a dizzying amount of culture will overload the senses.

Costa Rica – Puerto Viejo and San Jose 

Costa Rica is the perfect tropical winter destination. With low airfares and inexpensive accommodations (the average three-star hotel in San Jose is $45 per night in winter), you might be able to score on cheap beachside bungalows on both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts if you want a sun-kissed seaside holiday. Winter in Costa Rica, is the best time to see the baby sea turtle and hatchling watching, as well as whale watching, bird watching, and surfing. Like water sports? Salsa Brava at Puerto Viejo along the Caribbean is renowned for its beaches and surf spots.

Germany – Berlin

Winter is a great time to book if a winter trip to Berlin or greater Germany is on your “to visit list” Airfares to Germany are very affordable, especially to Berlin and during the winter months. Hotels are also less expensive, and Berlin is the perfect place for a stroll through art galleries, boutiques, and old bookstores throughout the city. Alternatively, visit the capital’s architecture and famous museums, February also brings the city’s famous film festival, Berlinale.

The Florida Keys  

The Florida Keys, a string of tropical islands off the state’s southern tip, offer a variety of affordable winter vacation destination options. Offering a balmy sub-tropical climate, Key West is popular with partiers as well as those who love beautiful beaches and sunsets, art galleries and water sports. Lime Tree Bay Resort is known as one of the best affordably-priced resorts in the Keys. Set along a palm-shaded, sandy beach, it offers all sorts of activity options, including kayaking onsite, swimming and water sports. Prices for accommodation and attractions have always been reasonable in Florida for families.