River Cruise Destinations

River Cruise Destinations

River ships provide a unique way of seeing a country’s interior   Unlike Ocean-going cruise ships that only allow you to see only a country’coastline and ports, the land is always in sight on a river cruise, and the scenery is at eye level. As the vessels are smaller (seldom carrying more than 200 people), you only step on land almost as soon as the ship is docked. Some river cruises (more often in Europe and southeast Asia) can visit several countries in just a few days, meaning no switching hotels, flights, and hotels.   The newest River cruising ships have usual amenities such as full-service restaurants, dining rooms, and even indoor pools.   Cabins are small compared with hotel rooms but have smart storage options. As well as watching the world by from a river cruise ship, there are often simple tours with a local guide or a coach transfer to a major town, castle, museum, historical site or other tourist attractions vineyard. Some tours last the entire day, and others return for lunch. River Cruises are not a cheap holiday, but value for money can be exceptional. Expect to pay from $230 to $500 per person per day (that can include door-to-door transfers). Prices vary according to times of the year, the quality of the vessel and the cabin’s grade and location. The higher the deck, the higher the price.

Popular cruises

Cruises allow you to sail into the heart of your destination, so you can explore up close and in depth. Most River cruise ships have all the amenities of an elegant hotel, providing the ideal opportunity to unpack once and comfortably be transported each day to and from your next destination—where enriching discoveries are usually just a short walk from your ship. Some companies such as the European Viking Line offer Culture Curriculums, an exclusive onboard program, brings local history to life with lectures on history and art and food and drinks; with restaurant menus inspired by local cuisine; informative port talks; enriching Destination Performances featuring folkloric shows and musicians playing regional and classical music


Danube and Rhine River Cruises

Flowing through 10 countries, the Danube is the heart and soul of Central Europe, and some cruises can take you on some of the best waterways In Europe. The Rhine and Danube river flow through fairy-tale hillside castles, lush vineyards, and storybook villages take center stage, particularly along the Middle Rhine,   The Lower Rhine boasts its delights as it flows into The Netherlands and the Rhine Delta, from charming windmills to canal-laced cities.

France River Cruises

French culture was born along the nation’s rivers. The light of Provence inspired an artistic movement along the leisurely Rhône.   And all waterways in France lead to fertile farmlands whose bounty has shaped a celebrated cuisine.

Egypt River Cruise

The timeless Nile River flows along its banks, one of the world’s greatest civilizations emerged, pharaohs changed the course of history and a great trio of pyramids rose in the desert. A cruise along this breathtaking waterway between Luxor and Aswan uncovers millennia-old temples and legendary stories of gods.

India River Cruises

India River Cruises typically follow India’s Golden Triangle & the Sacred Ganges. Many originate from Delhi with stop offs at Agra, Jaipur and to the Ganges River and Kolkata, where many other stupendous sights and experiences await. Along the way, a typical week-long cruise will go past serene Vedic temples, splendid garden-tombs, mosques, grand Victorian buildings, and monuments—as well as peaceful or vibrant villages and towns along the river banks

Asia River Cruises

Asia’s rivers have long been the lifeblood of civilizations, their lush banks shaping the course of dynasties and nations. Stunning tableaux of green bamboo groves, farmlands grazed by water buffalos and emerald hills rising into misty mountains unfold along the Yangtze’s dramatic Three Gorges in China, the Mekong in Cambodia and Vietnam, and Myanmar’s fabled Irrawaddy. Asia of old lives along these shores, in floating markets, tiny villages, and centuries-old temples.

Russia River Cruise

Cruise companies such as Viking offer a look at Russia’s vast network of waterways—the Volga and Svir Rivers and the expansive lakes of Onega and Ladoga among them. Historic Moscow and canal-laced St. Petersburg highlight any visit.

Amazon River cruises

The world’s largest river and richest ecosystem can be explored on the Lower Amazon in Brazil or the Upper Amazon tributaries in Peru. These cruises offer a look at local people, culture, and their villages as well as exotic water life.

Africa Cruises

Africa must surely rank as top cruises for very exotic destinations. Venues such as Johannesburg, Cape Town, Victoria Falls, Tanzania, the Zambezi River, Tarangire, Ngoro Ngoro and the Serengeti offer stunning array of scenery, waterfalls, exotic wildlife and other thrills.