Latest Gadgets 2022


We are only four months into 2022, but in the ever-evolving fast-paced tech world, that short period has already allowed a massive amount of forwarding movement and innovation. Apple or LG, to smaller developers and companies, the start of the year has brought much to discuss.


The Mac Studio is a small desktop computer recently introduced at Apple’s launch event. It primarily targets those who work either in creative fields or use digitally intensive programs. Even for them, however, it feels insanely overpowered, with 3.4x faster GPU and 2.5x CPU than the already pretty powerful iMac. And that is for the “”cheaper”” version of the two Mac Studio editions. The specs of the more expensive Mac Studio are even more outrageous.


Since every possible household device is getting a “”smarter makeover”” every year, it wasn’t long before the weight scale underwent the same treatment. However, the end product is perhaps much more than anyone bargained for. Writhing’s Body Scale measures almost anything you could imagine in biometrics. Besides precise weight, it can be calculated (and segment) body composition, vascular age (the age of arteries), nerve activity, and heart health. It’s an excellent method of health management and care. We don’t even know the price tag since it is still under clinical validation.


Robot vacuums are definitely not a new invention, but the decently priced yet incredibly functional Roborock E5 is definitely a novelty. The gadget can clean for over 3 hours between charges, operates quietly, and can mop rooms as it moves. However, what makes it stand out the most is its ability to mop floors, which most of its competitors cannot do.


A pocket projector sounds like an oxymoron, and while the title is a bit of a stretch, it’s not that far from the truth either. Kodak’s Luma 150 can fit inside a briefcase, making it easy to travel. It can be used by those in corporate, who might constantly be on the road and need to give presentations, or for a private viewing of tv shows/movies or gaming.


While making something transparent doesn’t necessarily increase its functionality, it definitely increases the awe factor. These speakers, designed by a Swedish company (aptly named Transparent), replaced the usual making of the speaker with tempered class. It upgrades a design that would usually look outdated (large and boxy) into a nifty showpiece that can be admired for more than just its sound.


This is the second Apple product to make this list, which should surprise no one. The most significant update in the Apple Watch Series 7 from the Series 3 was a drastic increase in screen size and coverage. The display’s borders were reduced by 40%, allowing the watch to still be functional at a compact size. Series 7 was also announced as the most durable Apple Watch, being crack-resistant, dust-resistant, and water-resistant. Moreover, it also had advanced in terms of health care specs, taking accurate ECGs, tracking sleep cycles, and measuring blood oxygen levels and heart rate.


It’s not to say germs were nonexistent before. Still, the pandemic has definitely moved sanitization up the list of most people’s priorities. But how exactly can we sanitize daily gadgets that travel with us everywhere, like our phones, and are exposed the most to germs? The Pro UV Sanitizer and Charger does just that. Equipped with UV-C light, it’s been shown to kill many dangerous bacteria and viruses such as Staph, E. Coli, Salmonella, and even COVID-19.


It might be cheating to include this product on this list since it hasn’t officially been released yet. Still, the debut of Xiaomi’s “”Mi Air Charge”” last year at a demo definitely made massive enough waves to cause excitement for its pending release. If it does finally hit the market, the product would be the first example of actual wireless charging, done through nothing but air.