2018 Gadgets and New Technology

The march of technology carries on relentlessly and 2018 continues as banner year for smart home gadgets, communications and entertainment. Here’s a rundown of some of the coolest new stuff to debut. Let’s not forget some technologies are going to take 2018 and beyond by storm, and there are others that will be a short lived fad or gimmick!

Honda 3E Robotics Concept

Honda’s vision of a society where robotics and AI can assist people in a multitude of situations is here. Honda’s 3E Robotics concept, which includes several robot companions all designed to serve different functions. Robot 3E-A18 is Honda’s social empathy robot. The company says it’s meant to represent the idea that robots can support people by providing a sense of compassion and understanding. 3E-B18, comparatively, is a robotic chair concept, while 3E-C18 includes cargo space for transporting materials. Price to be determined.

Samsung’s “The Wall” 146 inch TV

According to Samsung, TVs shouldn’t have to be just one size. That’s the idea behind its new 146-inch TV called The Wall, which the company is positioning as the first “modular TV.” Samsung says users can alter the size and shape of The Wall so that it can function as a multipurpose display. Price $10,000

Flip Digital Whiteboard

Architects having discussion in studio

One interesting new product called Flip is a digital white board meant to spice up office meetings. It’s a $2,700, 55-inch display with which multiple users can interact at the same time. It’s the kind of thing we could easily imagine working its way into classrooms down the road to compete with things like Smart Boards. Price $2,700

JBL Link View Assistant Smart Monitor

The JBL Link View Assistant Smart Monitoris vaguely blimp-shaped and includes speakers on both sides of its 8-inch screen. Both of them do pretty much what you’d expect a device like this. You can watch YouTube videos, display weather information, and get visual results when you ask Google Assistant questions. Price from $100.

Razer Project Linda smartphone-powered laptop

The smartphone-powered laptop concept has been updated with the Razer Phone, which is an Android-powered device on par with the other flagship smartphones, at least in terms of processing power. The laptop shell comes from the company’s 13.3-inch gaming laptop, the Blade Stealth. The phone slides neatly into a slot where the touchpad would typically reside. The phone provides the computing guts and acts as a touchpad and secondary display. The laptop husk provides the bigger screen, obviously, as well as a larger battery, and 200GB of extra storage space, but we are not sure whether this will create the best gaming laptop or an overpriced gimmick. Price $1,000

Yuneec HD Racer drone

Yuneec has introduced a trio of new drones that cater to curious pieces of the market. The Typhoon H Plus is an upgraded version of Yuneec’s high-end drone and has a 20-megapixel camera that shoots 4K footage at 60 frames per second. It also costs $1,799, which puts it at the high end of the enthusiast market. The Firebird FPV is shaped like an airplane instead of a quadcopter. It can fly for 30 minutes on a charge and cost $699. The last drone is the HD Racer, which is built for speed. It’s only $179, but it features racing tech like low-latency video performance and an assisted mode for taking off after a crash. Priced from $179.

RED Holographic Screen Smartphone

The RED Smartphone provides a holographic screen, allowing you to view videos from multiple angles. Essentially the RED, provides a 3D viewing experience on screen, projecting things like buildings and landscapes in an interactive map. A user could essentially take a virtual tour via the phone screen, looking around, above, behind, or in-between various objects. The RED smart phone is currently available for pre-order, for the fairly hefty price tag of $1,195.

Proof Wristband – Tells You If you’re Too Drunk to Drive

While there are some small breathalyzers on the market, they can be clumsy and awkward to use in public. Proof is a unique and elegant solution to this problem, as it’s a wearable wristband that can discretely analyze you Blood Alcohol levels through your skin. Priced from $100- $150.

Apple’s Homepod Smart Speakers

The Homepod is Apple’s latest attempt at changing the way we listen to music forever. These voice controlled smart speakers are the first to be fully integrated with Siri and Apple Music. The speaker hardware itself is cutting edge and uses special sensors to visualize the room it’s in and adapt its settings to emit the best acoustic experience possible. In addition to being a music station, the Homepod is also designed to be an artificial assistant that can answer questions, make schedules, and control other devices in your house. Priced from $349. This may not be a product that appeals to everyone. So if you are looking for something more portable and allows you to listen to your music on the go or at any events, a portable headphone amp might be what you are looking for. It even works with an iPhone 6, which is great, considering the headphone jack has now been removed from iPhones. Check out a site like hifisystemcomponents.com to find out more information.

The Plume Flow Portable Pollution Monitor

The Plume Flow Is a Portable pollution monitor ideal for people living in big cities, where smog and pollution are still a regular problem. Many people are concerned about pollution levels in their communities, and one new device is aiming to warn people when they are in an area with low air quality. This portable device is known as Flow, and it’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Powerful sensors monitor air quality, and Flow will let you know in an instant. Working in conjunction with your smart phone, Flow can show you what routes have the freshest air and which you should avoid. Priced from $199