Rochelle Flores is the Senior Manager at the World Trade Center, Vancouver, under the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade umbrella. She manages three programs and a webinar series.


Rochelle Flores is the Senior Manager at the World Trade Center, Vancouver, under the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade umbrella. She manages three programs and a webinar series.

“As a child, I was trained by my father to focus on the goal that I wanted to achieve,” she recalls. “His guidance helped me achieve milestones from my education, career, to even family. As a woman, I juggle multiple roles. Still, I prioritize motherhood because of its crucial role in shaping our society.”

After dedicating 15 years to a multinational food company, Rochelle’s career briefly took a backseat. However, she swiftly bounced back and refined her skills through entrepreneurship. As a woman with an ethnic background, intersecting identities have uniquely shaped Rochelle’s journey as a leader. Her experiences taught her the importance of creating an inclusive environment that values diversity and promotes equity. As a member of a visible minority, she understood the significance of representation. Seeing leaders from diverse backgrounds motivated her to pursue her leadership aspirations. She is committed to advocating for increased representation at every level of leadership. Her family has been her support pillar and remains her biggest inspiration.

Her views on mentoring other women usually focuses on key factors before committing to a mentoring relationship with any person. “I usually look for key factors to achieve a mutually beneficial and productive partnership. I like working with people with clear goals and objectives aligned with my expertise. I am result- oriented, so I am always focused on achieving tangible outcomes. I also assess their dedication to personal and professional growth. We are all unique, and I don’t want to lose that authenticity in our interactions. I also value constructive feedback, which helps us improve; I expect the same from mentees. This encourages mutual trust and respect, which is essential in any relationship.”

Rochelle is a vibrant and bold woman whose character was developed through experiences, personal growth, and development. “I value feedback and suggestions because they allow me to improve myself and learn to understand my strengths, values, and passions. This helped me embrace my authentic self and find confidence in my unique voice. I use each challenge and setback to build my leadership confidence.”

Everything she encountered has helped her believe in her abilities, from committing to lifelong learning and personal development through education and coaching to seeking new experiences and skills. She has learned to step out of her comfort zone and push herself beyond her limitations, allowing her to discover her full leadership potential.

As a leader, Rochelle sets the crucial tone for their achievements and advocates for a culture of collaboration, empowerment, and inclusivity. She ensures that each team member feels valued and heard, regardless of their role and expertise. “I actively seek their input and always aim for a unified decision,” she muses. “This promotes the diverse perspective that optimizes their expertise to achieve our goals. I lead by example, showing a solid work ethic, integrity, and dedication to excellence. We celebrate small wins and rectify our mistakes—that’s how we learn. This boosts morale and motivation and reinforces the value of hard work and teamwork. I praise them publicly and reprimand them privately. I support them but also ensure they know the consequences of their actions.”

Rochelle’s approach is to lead her team with a focus on collaboration, mutual respect, and achieving common goals, regardless of gender. She gives opportunities for everyone to succeed in their careers.

“Maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal life requires prioritization. “I recognize the importance of self-care, which includes spending quality time with loved ones. I communicate potential schedule conflicts with my team and colleagues, which fosters flexibility and understanding.

Rochelle advises the next generation of women, including her daughter: “Know your worth, use your voice to be heard, achieve your full potential, recognize your power to shape your future, and contribute to making the world a better place. You must break barriers. Do not be afraid to make mistakes, especially when you are young because you still have time to correct them. Remember your uniqueness and always stand up for what you believe is right. Always do good and be kind to people and choose whatever will make you happy.”

Rochelle recognizes her mother’s sacrifices, who is a career woman; she balanced her profession and family life. “Together with my dad, she prioritized our family, brought me up well, provided me with a proper education, and helped me achieve my dreams. Her unconditional love and encouragement influenced my values, ambitions, and identity. Her guidance has been instrumental to the person I am today, for which I will forever be grateful.”