Ravinder came as an international student with many dreams like everyone else. His most cherisheddream is to spend time with his family without worrying about pay cheques of limited income and a short-sighted future. But he felt the opposite here in Canada, working 12 hours a day and having no time for his family; it can be miserable. The World Financial Group came as a blessing in his life, which gave him both time and money simultaneously—plus a rainbow- laden future awaiting, where at the end of it is a pot of gold. He also managed to have enough time with his family. His original feeling of uncertainty relied upon his skepticism about this opportunity because he didn’t have clarity about the set-up process. When he got the whole nine yards from already successful leaders, he thanked God for not letting him quit this opportunity. The system was already set up, and you must utilize what you have learned from the others ahead of you.

The first thing he learned through pieces of training is how important mental toughness is. Everyone has to face rejection from friends, relatives, and other known ones, so he began working on his mindset and how to keep trying for one more day, then one more day, and so on. The first mindset became a habit by watching morning motivational videos and absorbing them all, regurgitating them before swallowing them confidently.              

Second, he learned to read affirmations orally, which changed the scenario because he heard it aloud and became a reminder, thus, affirming emphasis. He read his goals daily; mind you, he thought, every day means every day, no ifs, no buts.  

Third, he understood the power of passive income from watching their leaders win and how they enjoy their lifestyle—a dreamlike success that most people could only aspire to but not necessarily achieve. He got the vision from them, processed them, lived them, and immediately began sharing it with others that helped them build 500 Licence brokerages in 6 years. Without determination, he couldn’t have achieved what he managed to do.                      

Focusing on getting independent faster and building independent trainers is the key to royalty income. There is no dilly-dallying, and one must cast the iron while it is still hot, or one might end up with a half-assed weapon not adequately forged.

As an outcome of passive income, they enjoy a great time with their family without worrying about where the next paycheque will come from. They will be financially independent for the rest of their lives.                                                 

Thus, he always remembers WFG’s mission: “No family left behind is the simplest way to grow. Service to many leads to greatness.”