Purdeep Sangha’s parents immigrated to Canada in the 1970s, and he grew up in Kelowna. “Just like every other immigrant, they wanted to build a life for their family, so they started working on an orchard. And eventually, after some time, they managed to save up and buy their own orchard. And it was a great way of growing up,” Purdeep emphazises, “because we learned to work hard. And it was a very mindful environment. I grew up in the orchard, in nature, and it was incredibly peaceful.”

Purdeep has numerous business and entrepreneurial credentials, including an Executive MBA, and had at one time intended to parlay his educational and employment experiences into working as CEO in large multinational firms. “I had my strategy, I had my plan, everything was going well,” he recalls, “but when the time came to put in my applications, my heart wasn’t in it anymore. I’m always going for the person that needs the help, and these corporations were successful anyway, and they didn’t need me. So, I decided to start my own advisory company.”

“There’s a lot of business owners, entrepreneurs, that need help,” Purdeep explains. “And when working with these businessmen, I found that the business itself wasn’t the challenge, and it was how they thought and manage their emotions, and everything else in life.”

In the business world, you can have a business advisor, but the business advisor can’t help you in your personal life. And then some advisors can help you in your personal life, but they don’t understand business. So, what we did very strategically is we combined the two, and we became the single place where a businessperson can come to us, and we can help them perform better in their business and personal life.”

Purdeep is a highly sought-after strategist, performance advisor, and leadership coach to numerous successful CEOs, Executives, and entrepreneurs worldwide. Some of his services include executive and business advising, personal performance advising, and consulting on projects or initiatives. He has a best-selling book entitled “The Complete Man: Achieving Ultimate Performance, Fulfilment, and Victory in Every Area of Your Life” and hosts a popular podcast, “The Complete Man Podcast.” He is also a cohost and a business mentor on the newest TV show, “Mind Your Own Business.”

“I said yes to the show because every one of those entrepreneurs has some kind of disability,” Purdeep explains. “Some are blind, and one person has cerebral palsy. A couple of people are in wheelchairs after accidents. These aren’t your everyday entrepreneurs, and these are people facing real-life challenges, in addition to being an entrepreneur, and it’s very inspiring.”

Purdeep offers some sage advice to aspiring businesspeople and entrepreneurs:

“Business results are the direct reflection of the business owner. So, when the business owner learns and grows, the business will grow. Also, I used to think, ‘how do I do this? How do I make this happen?’ I quickly changed my mindset to ‘who can help me make this happen?’ And so, to be successful in business, you need to align yourself with the right people who can help you get there and who will greatly accelerate your progress. And business is all about creating a client. And that means a client that is loyal to your business, someone that refers business to you, someone who talks about you highly to their friends and family members. Many people have not appreciated the clients and, as a result, lost them. And many entrepreneurs feel that putting more time and effort into their business will be more successful, but that it comes at the sacrifice of their families. What they don’t realize, putting more time and energy into the family, they’re going to have more motivation and drive, better thinking, more creativity so they can apply that to their business to make it more successful.”

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