Tanpreet Parmar

Tanpreet Parmar – Miss India Canada 2016

Tanpreet Parmar is a Canadian actress, model, talk show host, and mentor. She was crowned Miss Charity British Columbia 2014-2015 and awarded the “People’s Choice” at the Miss BC Pageant. She was recognized for raising the most money for the Canadian Cancer Society. She has been in the entertainment industry since the age of 17, featured in films, commercials, music videos, television shows, newspapers, and magazines. Currently, she is a business student at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, completing a degree in Human Resource Management. She wishes to pursue a career in television hosting in mainstream media, an interest she has grown to love and wanted to continue along the path of modeling and to act as well.

Some of her appearances include:
Music Videos:
“Aaja Ni Aaja”: Channo – Gurdas Maan
“Canada Waliye” – Harf Cheema
“Canada” – Roop Bapla
Music Video – “Rotiyan” – Manpreet Manna

Kid Carson Show Commercial – On Demand Production Network & Pink Buffalo Films

Thank You (2012) | Bollywood | Extra
Channo (2015) – Neeru Bajwa, Mystery Man Productions

Television and radio:

Women in Focus – Omni Channel
Harpreet Singh Show – Joy TV
Kamal’s Top 5 – Shaw Multicultural Channel
Red FM 93.1


Vancouver Fashion Week:
Spring/Summer 2015
Fall/Winter 2015

With her passion for charity work, Tanpreet firmly believes in giving back to the community and continues to be active by hosting and supporting charitable events. She is also regularly invited to do motivational speaking for youth. Alongside, she runs special modeling workshops for aspiring models. As Miss India Canada 2016, she wishes to inspire women to cultivate their success and turn their dreams into reality.

When asked by Drishti what induced her to join the pageant, she replied:

“I see myself as a determined girl who is motivated to inspire others and create change. I want to represent the South Asian community as a positive role model, leader, and mentor. Each day, I aim to inspire and encourage others to cultivate their success and turn the life that they dream of into a reality. It saddens me to see others who are hesitant to pursue their dreams resulting from discouragement, lack of confidence, self-doubt, or fear of failure. I continuously share my personal experiences, challenges, and struggles with others about how I could reach my dreams. I want to empower people to believe that they can, too. I have had the opportunity to speak at leadership conferences and be a mentor to many girls. It brings me joy knowing that I could inspire individuals, and this only motivates me to do more. To be known as Miss India Canada is to be called a role model; it is ultimate to have your face, your inner and outer beauty, your intellect, and most importantly, your story—to be known to thousands of females around the globe. I believe that this platform will give me the power, confidence, and resources to create a greater change and a positive imprint on others’ lives. Miss India Canada is a prestigious title that I feel I will hold well on my shoulders through my goodwill, compassion, and sincerity.”

Born under the Zodiac sign of Gemini, Tanpreet is a fabulous communicator, gifted with wit, and has the natural talent to make others laugh. She can express things that most people would not be able to do, just because they don’t have her eloquence. Like a true Gemini, she is quite decisive, but always keeps the balance of things, even if she’s career-involved. We find her bright, lively, and very talented. And knowing how she is pursuing several things all simultaneously, she is the type who can multitask with no problem, since she is such an energetic young woman.

On success, Tanpreet elucidated her view by expressing her philosophy in life. “Success is not about what you accomplish in life; it is about what you inspire others to do. As Miss India Canada, I will continue to try inspiring women through my goodwill, compassion, and sincerity. I live to inspire.”

She then summed up what she believe in with her life quote: “You must believe in yourself and all that you are; know that there is something within you that is greater than any obstacle.”

Adding to all these, Tanpreet looks splendidly irresistible—for she possesses such a dazzling beauty that the more you look at her; the more she looks lovelier. Her beauty is something that does not cloy the senses of the beholder. Beauty, positive outlook, and brains—that’s what Tanpreet is all about—and we can’t ask for more.