David Eby moves to reduce food-delivery app commission fees

If industry doesn’t agree to cap fees, BC NDP will regulate to protect B.C.’s restaurant industry

B.C.’s restaurants have faced significant challenges during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, many transformed their business overnight, switching to delivery and takeout orders only.

Even as restaurants re-open, they continue to rely heavily on take-out and delivery for their business. But third-party delivery apps are charging restaurants upwards of 30% on orders, deeply impacting restaurants’ bottom line. And these apps charge customers delivery fees on top.

Businesses have also expressed concerns that the closure of outdoor patios will make their reliance on delivery orders higher.

The BC NDP is calling on third-party apps to cap their fees at 15%. If the industry refuses to implement a voluntary cap, a re-elected BC NDP government will move to regulate a 6-month temporary cap to protect B.C.’s restaurant industry, and the 180,000 people it supports.

Capping the commission fees on these delivery services will help restaurants stay open and keep staff on the payroll.

David Eby, BC NDP Candidate

“We understand why many people are relying on delivery and take-out during the pandemic. People are trying to stay safe and stay home, and we thank them for that. Struggling restaurants shouldn’t have to be charged exorbitant delivery commission fees by third-party apps. If these delivery app companies do not agree to keep to limit their rates at 15%, a re-elected BC NDP government will move to regulate a temporary cap to protect B.C.’s restaurant industry.”