** MESSAGE FROM SHER VANCOUVER ** Thank you to the Khalsa Diwan Society Vancouver for putting on an amazing Vaisakhi parade

This is the second year in a row that Sher Vancouver marched in the parade.

Many of our members have experienced rejection and discrimination in their lives, so it is very significant for them to be included, accepted, and welcomed by their community.

Vaisakhi is more than a harvest festival in Punjab.  It is the Sikh New Year and commemorates 1699, the year Sikhism was born as a collective faith.

I am proud to be a Sikh and for Sher Vancouver to be originally founded as an LGBTQ Sikh organization.  Sikhism advocates for equality, dignity, and respect for all of humanity, especially those that are marginalized, vulnerable, and oppressed.

As a minority within a minority, LGBTQ South Asians are at-risk.  They have a hard time coming to terms with their sexual and gender identity.  There is a lot of pressure from their families to get married and have children.

We must continue to stick together and support each other or we are all vulnerable to the forces of ignorance, hatred, and fear.

We are all God’s children.  We are all brothers and sisters.  Let us move forward into the future forging a path as part of one human family.

God bless and Happy Vaisakhi!


In Gratitude,

Alex Sangha

Founder of Sher Vancouver

Photo of Sher Vancouver Founder Alex Sangha with Sher Vancouver Vice President Kayden Bhangu (centre) and Sher Vancouver Director Josh Soronow (right)