What Is Mind Power ?

Human mind has been considered as a complex subject to understand. It has been studied that the most successful people on this planet have used only 1 to 10% of the powers of their mind.

by Navtej Khela

Human mind has been considered as a complex subject to understand. It has been studied that the most successful people on this planet have used only 1 to 10% of the powers of their mind. It is said that the famous scientist Albert Einstein used 4.5% of his mind power. So imagine if someone like him can do wonders by using this little mind power, how much mind power we are using in whatever we are doing today? Some people believe we need to control our mind. I would rather say we need to channelize it’s power in right direction rather than focusing on controlling it.

Let us understand mind first. Mind is a source and centre of energy in our body. Just like electricity we can’t see it but we know electricity can aluminate a room and stadium as well. Just like engineers have mastered the electricity by storing its energy in hydro plants, and then supply it as per need of each city; all of us can have  access to our boundless energy of our mind. A lot of people confuse mind to Brain, they are two separate entities. Brain is a tangible part of our body which can be dissected or surgery can be performed on it. But human mind can not be touched or dissected. In computer language we can easily understand mind is like a software and brain is like a hardware.

There are two types of mind- Conscious Mind and Sub-conscious mind. Conscious mind has only 10% powers but our sub-conscious mind has 90% powers. Our conscious mind works when we are awake, but sub-conscious mind works 24×7 it never sleeps. Conscious mind is like a tip of ice-berg, only some part of iceberg is visible in ocean, but mostly iceberg is invisible inside the water. The invisible part of iceberg is so powerful that it can wreck even the strongest and biggest ships. Similarly our real powers is in our sub-conscious mind. All of our decision  making and goal setting is done with the help of our conscious mind.

All of us have heard a story of Aladdin and his magical lamp. Every time Aladdin rubs his lamp a giant genie pops out of it and asks “How can I help you my master, your wish is my command!” So whatever Aladdin asks his genie fulfills his wish. Genie is a symbolic of sub-conscious mind in this  story, which has endless powers to fulfill demands of his master. Rubbing the lamp is a symbol of activating powers of sub-conscious mind. All of us have a genie in ourselves and that genie is our sub-conscious mind. Tony Robbins had written a best seller book “Awaken the giant with in” which talks about how all of us can tap into powers of this giant within us.

All the greatest people in the history who have done wonders in their fields have used powers of their sub-conscious mind to achieve massive success. Whether it is leaders like Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Mandela or actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Jim Carrey, Oprah Winfrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger or sportsmen like Mohammad Ali, Michale Jorden, Sachin Tendulkar, they all have used powers of their mind to become legends.

I am starting this series of articles and I will write more in my future articles about how we all can use powers of our mind to achieve anything in our lives. I have learned and used some very effective techniques to activate our sub-conscious mind which I will share in coming articles. I like reading on this topic and attend workshops and seminars to learn more.  Apart from this I took training from Internationally acclaimed Mind Power Trainer Dr Jitendra Adhia of Ahmedabad (India), with his mentorship I did some seminars on Mind Power last year. I am doing my next seminar on this subject on June 8, 2019 in Surrey Central Library. Please feel free to call me for any questions.

Navtej Khela
Entrepreneur and Mind Trainer