“Planets are reflections of God which are to bestow results of Karmas of human beings.” “Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra”

Many modern educated people may wonder how lifeless and dead planets can understand the thoughts and attitude of humans and react to them. Please read more details here.

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Many modern educated people may wonder how lifeless and dead planets can understand the thoughts and attitude of humans and react to them. Please read more  details in chapter “God as Light and Destiny”

As in a company the President is not concerned with small matters, God has also given such responsibilities to planets under the universal law of Karma and Destiny. If an employee in some company makes a mistake while performing his duty, it is the responsibility of the manager and the supervisors to tackle this issue, and not of the President. God has already created a system of sound justice in this universe. That is why, God does not interfere with this law. That is why, it is not God who decides whether someone will have a beautiful, healthy body or rich parents or caring spouse or happy life. Rather, it is decided by the universal law of Karma and Destiny. This is the reason although billions of people all around the world pray for many things everyday in front of God (for example, for health, money, child etc.), God normally does not answer to most of such prayers. This is so because God is impartial and the Law of Karma and Destiny is active. However, if someone really surrenders 100% of his ego with complete devotion to the universe and there is some good Karma also to help, then only the universe (God) may become active for him and can provide help for something. However, it happens very rarely because the universe is ready to help for enlightenment but for material achievements, God has let the law of Karma and Destiny decide. By establishing this system, God wanted to convey that humans should believe in their own good Karma,and not in Him (God) because good Karma is the cause of good Destiny.

“Age, species, and pleasure and pains are decided by previous Karmas”

Yoga sutra

All vibrations of Karma cannot return and turn into Destiny in one life on this earth because humans continue to do a variety of Karma with many types of attitudes. That is why vibrations of Karma continue to follow humans even in their next lives also. Every bit of Karma done by someone finds its “source” (the person who has done that Karma) at last. As a battery, after giving light to a bulb for sometime runs out of charge, similarly, each vibration of our Karma after turning into Destiny becomes motionless but nothing goes waste.

Planets function like strong cameras all around the Universe to capture all thoughts and actions of all people meticulously. Not one of our movement or thought goes unnoticed by the Universe and Planets.  The organism of the universe is so subtle that when even a small needle falls on the ground this is also known and stored in the memory of the universe. The data  how many nests have been made by all birds on all trees on this earth and how many eggs have been laid in them in the last millions of years also exists in this universe.

As a satellite knows which vibration should be sent to which cell phone according to its chip or password, planets are also programmed to send the vibration of Destiny to all different individuals based on the data of their individual Karma. As a calf recognizes his own mother out of thousands of cows, similarly everyone’s Karma recognizes its “source” out of billions of people on the earth and comes back as Destiny.

Just as a cell phone ,although it moves everywhere on this earth can still remain connected with the satellite, similarly humans can move anywhere on the earth still their Chakras are connected with the Planets of the universe according to their Destiny.

Just as there is a subtle flow of waves between the satellite and cell phones, similarly there is a subtle flow of waves between our Chakras and Planets but we cannot see that. As pictures and sounds move in space before we receive them on our computer through internet, similarly, Destiny moves in the layers of the universe before it influences human Chakras.

You must have heard a story ( or you may have experienced ) that a person during his sleep has a dream in which he what is going to happen in the life of some person in future, for example an accident or some  other natural calamity like an earth quake or an airplane crash. How does it happen? Because those people who had some strong consciousness because of spiritual practice in their past lives or this life, at the time of their sleep (or in meditation), their subconscious mind starts entering into the mind of the universe where the Destiny of each person is moving. And when the mind of that person becomes connected with the frequency of the Destiny of some other person, he can see that that person is going to face this problem. If his mind enters into the “Collective Destiny” of many people in a dream, he can feel some natural calamity also in which many people on the earth are about to die. Because before becoming materialized in physical world, Destiny lives in a certain shape in the universe, which our normal eyes cannot see, as our eyes cannot see picture of the internet in the universe but  the picture lives already in the universe in exactly the  same shape,  the Destiny of each person is flowing in the universe. But from such an example, you can understand that events have already been flowing in the universe all around us and waiting to be materialized on the earth. They do not happen accidentally, as science may be calculating.

As blood flows in our body, the system of Karma and Destiny is also flowing in the body of God (universe). And, to run the law of Karma and Destiny effectively and meticulously, the structure of the human body and the universe has been created exactly in the same way . That is why the universe and the human body do exactly the same things.

The Universe is made of light, sound and five elements (Earth, water, fire, air, and space) and the same is the structure of the human body. That is why, whatever is there in the universe is also present in our body.


How did God create  this amazing system interconnecting the human body and the universe?

At the time of cosmic creation, basic universal Light, which is God Himself, turns into seven other lights (colors) of the universe (Red-Orange-Yellow-Green-Blue-Indigo-Violet) and becomes distributed into seven planets………. To be continued in the next newsletter