How to Become Master of Destiny- A Spiritual Journey

An insect does not need to go to school to learn how to eat, drink, build a home, find a partner, have children, take care of family, struggle for self-respect and material assets, become old and eventually die.

(From the book  “How to Become the Master of Destiny …A Spiritual Journey” written  by Acharya Aman MA,MBA 604-728-3510 ( Book includes wisdom on  meditation, Yoga, Karma and Destiny, 7 Chakras, Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) etc). Drishti magazine brings whole book to its readers in its each weekly newsletter.)

What is Destiny?

(Light, Sound and Ideas in the form of God and Destiny)

An insect does not need to go to school to learn how to eat, drink, build a home, find a partner, have children, take care of family, struggle for self-respect and material assets, become old and eventually die. It all happens just with the force of nature. If billions of humans repeat the same story on earth and die in the end, it is not something special. That is why when God‘s grace starts falling on some soul he starts thinking on questions, such as:

Is there something more beyond this physical world?

Is there any other purpose of life or should I also repeat the same story and die at last?

Modern science cannot explain why we are here on this earth, but when someone starts pondering on the complex system of this universe and life, his mind becomes convinced that such a vast programming is not possible by chance.

When we look at the world, then this question seems very important to be solved because we see that there are some people who are born into such a family where they have easy access to success, money, love etc. But there are some others who are born in such situations that even their hard work cannot change their situations much. There are some people who are born with some special gift of art and skill but there are some others who do not possess such skills or do not want to learn anything whenever they are given a chance. Some are born to rule and some are born to just follow the rules. We know that there is no soul on the earth who likes to suffer in any way. Then, why on the earth do some souls suffer while others enjoy life right from the beginning of their life? If there is really some cosmic  mind(as many saints have been teaching since time immemorial)behind this whole phenomenon, then why is He is doing this? Is there some discrimination in this systematically functioning universe where even the designs of flowers and colors of butterflies have been decided so meticulously or is it something else?

Why is it happening with us?

There are many theories behind this concept. There are many people who believe that Adam and Eve sinned in the heaven of God and all souls were sent (born) on the earth by God because of that sin. But now a big question arises that if Adam and Eve made a mistake, then why do we have to suffer? This is similar to a situation where a court puts you in jail for 20 years for a crime committed by your grandfather or father, whom you have not even seen or met personally. What you think of this kind of  justice? This cannot be called kind justice. Even the justice of a normal judge on earth seems more kind than God‘s. Then, why all this?

Even if we accept that all souls are sinners because of the sin committed by Adam and Eve and therefore they are sent on earth, then this life for every soul should begin at an equal level on earth. Because when all souls descend from God, they are all the same and they should be given equal chances and opportunities to grow in this life on this earth. That is why all souls should be born into equal level families, have equal level of health, financial status and source of knowledge so that they can learn to do good actions and reach back to God. But, why are some people suffering a lot and some are not?

We cannot believe that God just throws souls from heaven onto earth, no matter which soul is born where and in which family, just as an old man spreads grains for birds in some field, no matter which grain falls in bushes, which one in water and which one in the droppings of birds?

If God is doing like this with all souls without any justified law, it is just like playing dice with this universe. But…

“God does not play dice”                                


And a more complicated question is that if we believe that God has really created Hell to punish bad souls (as many religions teach), then why do some souls suffer worse life on this earth than even Hell with painful diseases or other problems since childhood. Why is God punishing such souls on the earth if God has made a system to punish bad souls in Hell?

Did God change His idea to punish bad souls on the earth, rather than in Hell?

Or is it that God wants to punish bad souls in Hell as well as on earth?

But punishing a soul twice for the same sin does not seem justified because it will not be defended by any earthly or heavenly laws.

If we believe that God is kind (many religions believe so) then why  does He need another Hell to punish people when already people are facing worse problems on this earth than even in Hell?

Can God not see Cancer, AIDS and other serious ailments on this earth?

Such types of questions started arising in the minds of ancient Yogis who then started meditating and praying to know the real answers. Through their meditation, the Yogis realized that a very amazing law is working in the subtle layers of this universe and the whole universe is controlled by that law: the “Law of Cause and Effect” or the Law of Karma (Action) and Bhagya (Destiny). As per this Law, the soul continues its journey from one reincarnation to another reincarnation. The Destiny of a soul in next life is determined by its own actions, out of its own free will, in the present and previous lives. God is not a writer of human Destiny. God is not interested making someone sick, depressed or unhappy. God gave all souls full freedom to write their own destiny by themselves, by their own attitude, thoughts and Karma. That is why, it is not God or any Messiah who decides the happiness or unhappiness for a particular soul on the earth, but actually it is the individual Karma (good or bad) of a particular soul that determines his or her destiny.

In the Law of Karma and Destiny, God has not left any scope for discrimination. That is why no matter in which Messiah we believe and to which religion we belong on this earth, we all experience diseases, unhappiness, failures or untimely family deaths depending on our Karma from our past lives. Such problems are faced even by those who do not believe in any God or religion. That is why just believing in a certain religion does not guarantee someone a gateway to heaven after death.

The truth is that the Law of Karma and Destiny is more powerful than any religion on the earth. The Yogis who knew this Law of Karma and Destiny also knew one more thing. They realized that although the soul continues to reincarnate and face good or bad destiny in each reincarnation based on its Karma from past lives, there is a simple key to come out of this cycle of reincarnation. They argued that if we realize “Who am Iand know our soul and its direct connection with God then we can come out of this cycle of reincarnation of the soul in the physical body. And, eventually the soul will permanently unite with God. This is called Moksha (Final liberation).

But there were some Yogis who were not only interested in the path of “Who am I” (Enlightenment) directly but also were interested to know how the law of Karma and Destiny functions in this universe and influences human life. What system has God developed to remember the Karma of trillions of beings? Where does Karma live before it affects human life?  How does Karma turn into Destiny? In that system, is there any chance to escape or reduce or finish our Karma ? And, if yes, then to what extent?

But all Yogis were not in favour of knowing the detail and teach them to the people because they thought that no one in this physical world can be fully happy and satisfied without reaching “Who Am I ?” (Enlightenment). That is why they thought that only Enlightenment should be taught to humans and nothing else.

But some Yogis thought that there are people who cannot go to the level of understanding “Who Am I ?” immediately but want to live their life happily in this world. Perhaps the knowledge of the Law of Karma and Destiny can make many people aware of their Karma and help them to improve the standard of their life on the earth and turn them into better human beings. Finally, such Yogis knew through meditation that this whole universe is fully conscious and alive, just like an ocean of energy or consciousness. As all drops of an ocean are connected with each other, no matter how far they are from each other, similarly every part of the universe is connected with another part of the universe based on its consciousness. Just as when you throw a stone into still water, it creates ripples which flow very far and those ripples again come back to the same source from where they started, similarly, whatever humans do or think (good or bad) physically and mentally on this earth, creates a subtle vibration in the whole universe and that subtle vibration influences the whole universe and planets and then comes back to the same source (soul), from which it started. When the vibration of our thoughts and actions go to the universe and planets, it is called Karma and when it comes back, it is called Bhagya (Destiny).

Although the influence of Karma comes back to souls from every direction from this universe, the seven planets (Sun-Moon-Mars-Mercury-Jupiter-Venus-Saturn), however, play a very important role in reacting to our Karma, by corresponding with seven Chakras(energy centers) of the human body. These Chakras which are located along our spine rotate like whirlpools in correspondence with the seven planets of the universe in response to our Karma. The name Chakra (wheel) was given to them by yogis based on their function of constant rotation of energy. By taking into consideration the influence of the seven planets on human life, the ancient Yogis named the seven days of the week after the names of these seven planets. Later these names of seven days of  the week found their way from India  into other cultures of the world.

Just as  in an organization the owner delegates his authority and power to his manager and supervisors to run the company, similarly in His cosmic play God has given a part of His consciousness and light to the Sun as a Manager and other planets as supervisors to control the law of Karma and Destiny. The Consciousness which is given to the planets by God is enough to understand the vibrations of our Karma (thoughts or action) and turn it into Destiny…………..

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