Saleena weds Saf

Q 1. Tell us about your wedding?

Saleena: Let’s see, apart from Saf forgot the wedding ring, then forgot his pants, shoes, belt, shirt—for the reception at home and had a secret team of my family and some friends running around trying to gather all of it and bring it to the hotel in time for our pre-reception shoot! It was beautiful, surreal, and a wonderful week of celebrations. We felt the love of those around us to celebrate our very special occasion. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives who made this crazy wedding a success!

Saf: It was everything we could have wanted and more! I was calm and relaxed until I sat down in the temple and realized that wow, everyone is here for Saleena and me! The moment that she arrives and my nephews say, “She’s here,” I get excited, and that’s the first of many bouts of pure joy and happiness that hit me! Then as we were completing our 4th and final round, I got so excited that I wanted to jump for joy! Instead, I pumped my shoulders twice as if to Bhangra for joy!

Q 2. How long did you know each other before marriage?

Saleena: Let’s put it this way, we met in January. He bought me my first gift (a frying pan) in February and introduced me to his parents (two weeks after we met)! Saf proposed in May, and we were married by August!!! We were married seven months from meeting one another! And here we are interviewing with you in October!

Saf: About 15 minutes into our first official date in February, I told her that we were going to be together for a very long time! She laughed and said, “Do you always use this line on first dates?” I responded, “No. I’ve never told a woman this before because I’ve never had these feelings ever before. Besides the physical attraction towards your natural beauty, I also have feelings that are emotional and spiritual. It’s a combination of excitement and calm in the sense of “I’ve found her finally.” She didn’t believe me at the time! But here we are married after seven months!

Q 3.What are the strengths of your marriage?

The bond we have with one another, it goes far deep into our souls. Our relationship is based on truth and honesty, and we hold ourselves to a high level of respect and integrity. As each other’s best friends, we can cry, scream, laugh, play, do everything with one another. That’s not to say we don’t have our disagreements. But it’s the strength of our love and desire to understand and grow with each other that helps us get through those crazy moments.

Q 4.What have been the biggest challenges to overcome as a couple?

Saleena: Sharing each other with the world and finding that balance with one another. We are both very social people. We both wanted to share the other person with the world that we individually lived in, but then were getting lost in it. We had to come to a point to realize and take the time for “just us!”

Saf: Since this was an intense whirlwind romance and we got married quickly, we didn’t get the time most couples would have to learn each other. This posed its challenges and rapidly forced us to learn about how we react and relate to different situations, and we are still learning about each other every day.

Q 5. How imp. is sharing your interests and beliefs?

When it comes to ideas, it is crucial! Our morals and values must coincide to be successful as a couple and in a marriage. We need to be in a place to raise our children together with those values. Your home is grounded in these shared beliefs and moral standing.

As for interests, that is more about supporting each other! I love Bollywood, and he loves Rock! We are opposite in that respect. But it’s because we have our interests that keep us alive and dynamic and entertaining! Of course, you must have similar interests as well – otherwise, there would be no commonality. We both love fine dining, traveling, cuddling on the sofa and watching a movie, hosting dinner parties, and doing family activities. But the spice is always on the differences!

Q 6. What were your favorite moments during the wedding?

Saleena: My absolute favorite moment was the last “Leave” where Saf was in front of me, doing the bhangra with his shoulders and just smiling. It just showed the joy and love of that moment! It was official! We were married!

Another moment, was when we entered onto the stage of our reception. I was just overwhelmed with emotion seeing so many people I love dearly, all there to celebrate us! It took a lot out of me not to tear up.

Finally our “Kala Chashma” moment! I told my friends before the reception to bring my sunglasses so I can pull them out as a surprise for the Kala Chashma song (even Saf had no clue!)….They played it probably eight times! It was a lot of fun!

Saf: When she initially sat down next to me, I was so excited, but that was nothing compared to how I felt as we were coming around the final stretch of the last laavn. I thought to myself, wow she will forever be my wife, and me, her husband!

I was also deeply touched and humbled when Saleena got to the mic at our reception. The kind words she had not just for her close friends and family but, also how she made my feel just as special. When she looked me in the eye and spoke to me with those kind words, I was in awe that this beautiful, loving woman is in love with me…and she is singing to me. Yes! She sang to me! I felt like I was in a scene in a movie, it was just so surreal and beautiful. It’s very hard to explain but, it’s something I’ll never forget even though I don’t know what she said when she sang!!

Q 7. Would you like to give some advice to other married couples?

Be as open and honest with each other and communicate every step of the way. It’s so important to be each other’s support during down times and be each other’s greatest celebratory during the bright moments. Have patience and listen and try and see things from your partner’s perspective during arguments. Never go to sleep angry and never forget that you are each other’s greatest priority and nothing should mean more than your love for one another. Remember to spoil each other at any given moment you get a chance. This will keep the spark alive! Marriage is a commitment in the eyes of the world and before God in which you will continue to grow stronger as “one.”