Cosmic Cause and Effect

Page 12When I was in high school, I recall being fascinated when I learned the word ‘microcosm’ – a little world, the universe in miniature.  It provided rich fuel for a teenaged daydreamer. It became, however, one of those fundamental perceptual concepts, a mental prism through which life takes on myriad shades of meaning. When I grew into the understanding that there is no one reality, that our personal reality is based entirely on our perceptual apparatus in the largest sense, microcosmic observations assumed macrocosmic proportions! Suddenly, for me, the matter of ‘scale’ became irrelevant. Throwing a pop can into the ditch was no more forgivable than toxic emissions or oil spills. Stomping on a bug because it was ‘ugly,’ was no less violent than ridding a society of those deemed undesirable. Whatever we see as unacceptable on the large scale, must also be unacceptable on a small scale – the scale of an individual life.

I understood that integrity could not be calibrated. Not even a little. That thought may make us all somewhat uneasy, for who among us leads a life of perfect, flawless integrity?  We can strive for it, choose a life based on moving ever closer to it, hold it as our heart’s deepest challenge – but we cannot lower the bar. Ego may choose to ignore the concept, or utilize the strengths of left brain analysis to equivocate, but the soul is taking note. We are indeed, ultimately responsible for our choices. It can be a full-time job keeping ourselves in alignment with our highest awareness–within the microcosm of our lives.

Ah, but wait! The prism has (relatively) recently been expanded to include a whole new range of possibilities for personal responsibility. Quantum physicists and cosmologists have revealed an expansive set of new set of ideas about how things operate in our universe. They are revealing evidence of an interconnected, interactive, co-creative universe. The concept of a holographic universe–the whole represented within and interactively ‘dancing’ with every other part–puts a whole new spin on everything. Not only is the part represented in the whole, and the whole in each part, but each part influences the whole, perhaps in a more dramatic way than we could ever have imagined. Perhaps the butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil does create a hurricane in Florida.

Could it be that our negative thoughts and hostile impulses experienced within the assumed confines of our mind contribute to the hostility played out on the world stage? There are many who would answer affirmatively. Could the greed and consumerism of the Western world, the ever-increasing demands for more, actually be somehow creating the poverty and starvation for our brothers and sisters just an ocean away?  When we take more than we need, is someone else deprived? Mmmm.

A much bigger picture is slowly revealing itself, and one day we will wonder how we could have missed it. Its impact will be as profound as the discovery that the world was not flat, nor central within the Universe. It is our inner universe that will be rocked by this new revelation.

The positive side of it all is that we can use our ability to choose consciously, and thereby influence the whole in the direction of greater integrity. We can put good stuff out there. We can also dip into the universal hologram, the divine blueprint, to create miracles of creativity and healing. It would seem the Creator has given each and every one of us the power to create. What we create is up to us.

Gwen Randall-Young is an author and award-winning Psychotherapist.  For permission to reprint this article, or to obtain books or cds, visit