Leadership of Perminder Chohan

By: Paarull JS Bakshi

Perminder Chohan came to Canada only about 20 years ago, but since then he’s become a prominent name in the South Asian Community, all in a span of just 27 years. What makes him different from others that also landed in this country of dreams? Willpower? Luck? Mere coincidence or is it a mixture of all?

Sitting down with Perminder and when asked about this success and he smirks and says “I haven’t reached my success yet, there is still a long way to go.” He says that he also faced many failures after arriving in Canada as he said he worked odd jobs which he was overqualified for, starting many small business ventures which made very less profit, he tried anything and everything before he stumbled upon a career in the financial industry. This industry also needed him to be a bit more open-minded as this was a highly commission based job and “you only got paid when you produced,” he says. As he went along, things started to make sense; money began to make sense. “I not only learned how to make money but also how to grow it,” says Chohan.

Asking him how success came about and what makes him different from all of the other financial industry experts?  “It’s all a mindset, and when you have the want to do something, you will just go and do it or else you will make excuses,” says Perminder. There are some fundamental principles that Chohan swears by, and he shared them with me.

Successful people according to Perminder:

  1. Wake up early
  2. Act more than they talk
  3. Are focused on their goals
  4. Lead a balanced life
  5. Don’t hold on to the past – the past does not exist!
  6. Have a good connection with people—they have good people skills
  7. They don’t procrastinate

Perminder says that although he’s not perfect, he tries his best to follow these principles. He does not only enforce them for himself, but he also teaches and trains others in his team some techniques on how to reach their goals, whatever they may be. Chohan has personally trained over 500 people over the span of his career; he holds regular training sessions for his advisors to help them get to the next level of advancement of their careers. This can be seen with his ever growing team as at the moment, Chohan owns four offices in Canada with over 300+ advisors under his guidance. I say this is nothing less than leadership skills of a born leader!

Perminder is not only a professionally successful man, but his philanthropic work is also not any less commendable. When asked about the reason behind his generous nature, he says “ the community is what has made me who I am, so it’s my duty to give back.”

For more information on Perminder Chohan or his team, you can visit here: www.perminderchohan.com; media related inquiries, please contact Paarull JS Bakshi at paarullb@gmail.com

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